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Subject: RE: Phase conjugate replica waves
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2002 12:44:12 -0600


Dear Paul,


To finish the answer:


The importance of the 1904 Whittaker paper, once one understands the decomposition and corrected dynamics of the 1903 paper, is that the 1904 paper initiated what is called "superpotential" theory.  Here Whittaker showed that any field, wave, etc. can be decomposed into a set of differential functions two scalar potentials.  He included the sum set; Ziolkowski later added the product set.


If we first decompose each of those two scalar potentials, then apply the differential functions, we then find that all EM fields, waves, etc. are comprised of a set of internal biwave pairs ( time-polarized EM wave paired with a longitudinal EM wave) with dynamics impressed upon them.


In short, there is a far more important electrodynamics inside all EM fields, waves, potentials, and energy --- and that "internal electrodynamics" is engineerable.  The Russian/KGB strange weapon scientists have long referred to that guardedly as the "information content of the field" (and used a deception plan to trick Western scientists into thinking they mean standard spectral analysis, which they don't).


The KGB secretly weaponized that entire "internal electrodynamics" which the West has yet to touch.


When one uses the internal electrodynamics, then ordinary EM fields, potentials, and waves --- being naught but writhing collections of such internal stuff -- become superhighways through which one can pass the "internal" signals and intelligence undetected by normal electronic systems.


The implications should be obvious.  There are ways to utilize that internal electrodynamics, and receive it and transduce it into "normal signals" input to a display, etc.


Further, the earth and ocean are quite transparent to the "internal" longitudinal EM wave stuff.  After all, mass is mostly empty space, with particles etc. widely separated (something like the solar system, but on a different level).  That empty space is filled with EM fields, waves, and potentials -- hence is a writhing superhighway for longitudinal EM waves.


Hence the use of longitudinal EM wave interferometry, which is able to reach right through the intervening earth and ocean to places on the other side of the earth.


Ten nations of the world have already weaponized such  effects.  This is almost certainly the weapons referred to by then-Defense Secretary Cohen in 1997, as being used to engineer the weather, induce earthquakes, and initiate volcanoes into eruption.  Most major weapons labs and national laboratories on earth now have "discovered" longitudinal EM waves and longitudinal EM wave weapons effects, at least potential effects of future devices.


Best wishes,


Tom Bearden