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Subject: RE: MEG flywheel power regulation & storage
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 21:48:13 -0600


Dear Sigurd,


Yes, we considered it, and have not yet ruled out anything.


Our main objective is to do a year of very intensive phenomenology necessary to produce an acceptable engineering model in higher group symmetry electrodynamics (one cannot use electrical engineering to model the vacuum and its exchange).  Something like O(3) electrodynamics is necessary, or EM immersed in quaternion algebra.  Since geometric phase (Aharonov-Bohm effect, Berry phase) is involved, we also have to do many experiments along that line, for the phenomenology.  There are of course a great number of papers in the literature on the latter, but none of them have dealt with use of geometric phase for power applications.  Further, since the unit is very highly nonlinear, nonlinear oscillation theory is also involved, not the usual linear stuff.  So to do the job right, we have to put together a team of specialists, with special instrumentation as well, and do a very hard year of phenomenology and model development research.


When that is completed, one will then be able to do scale-up design and engineering, fairly quickly, and go directly into production engineering for the first products.


All this is quite doable, but also quite expensive.  It cannot be done by an electrical engineering department, for example, but has to have a specially tailored specialist team.


So we continue to seek a legitimate funding partner to allow that work to be done.


Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

A quick message to pass on to Tom (I couldn't find an email address for him, most likely for good reason)

I am a mechanical engineering student from the University of Victoria (Canada). I was just wondering if he had considered using a stationary flywheel energy storage system to draw power from/dump power to as a cheap and easy way to commercialize his MEG system. The American military uses such a system for backup power because of it's reliability, "clean" output, and ability to accept large quick impulses, check out this site