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Subject: RE: Unified theory
Date: Mon, 8 Feb 2010 16:19:19 -0600

Dear Thomas,

I'm not familiar with Burkhard Heim's work.

The approach I'm taking these days is called "precursor engineering".

It starts with the following identity axiom:

   [LLLT] is identically [VPF (virtual particle flux interaction] is identically [Energy] is identically [physical reality].

This eliminates the old medieval notion of an "empty spacetime" and makes what we think of as an "emptiness" IDENTICALLY a virtual particle flux.

It also means that every "observed physical object" or "physical process" has energy and thus also is continually being created and sustained by a specific ongoing process (its "precursor") originating in virtual state vacuum. Said another way, any "thing" or "process" is a priori a specific set of ongoing virtual particle interactions.

By use of negative energy (as in both Dirac's original theory and in Schrodinger's theory) together with Dirac Sea vacuum tickling, one may directly affect and change the specific "precursor" process that continually creates and sustains any specific physical object or process.

In short, ONE MAY DIRECTLY ENGINEER PHYSICAL REALITY AT WILL, anyway we wish and very easily, once the correct "specific tickle pattern for a given effect on a given object" is worked out experimentally. Working examples include the little jellyfish that became immortal against death by aging circa 1990, Professor Kanzius' cancer process (being developed by a legitimate cancer research institute), his watergas process (tested and substantiated by a leading world water chemist), etc.

By gaining greater ability to control and organize the spikings of a person's nerve dendrite endings, that person then is able to perform Dirac's precursor engineering directly on any part of physical reality. Occasionally a person is born with greater control over his nerve dendrite spiking patterns, and thus becomes able to accomplish "miracles" for real. For at least two hundred years, such persons have been deliberately hunted down and killed worldwide, so our scientists will not have such "10-sigma persons" to study in the laboratory and thus discover the Dirac Sea tickle method of reality engineering.

This discovery (of the importance and implications of Dirac Sea tickling) appears to have been already known to Dirac himself in 1930. I have merely rediscovered something that Dirac already knew 80 years ago. He and Schrodinger were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in 1933, and one year later the Control Groups (having realized that Dirac's use of negative energy made possible this direct engineering of physical reality) brutally and arbitrarily tore negative energy out of Dirac's theory of everything, changing it to a "theory of the electron" and arbitrarily changing all the physics textbooks accordingly.

Today there is a determined and strong movement by some very good physicists (led by Dr. Daniel Solomon, Dean of the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of North Carolina State University). They have placed strong and rigorous papers in the leading physics journals, pointing out what a grave mistake was made in this arbitrary removal of negative energy in 1930.
As Hotson stated: 

"I think if one had to point to a single place where science went profoundly and permanently off the track, it would be 1934 and the emasculation of Dirac's equation." [D. L. Hotson, "Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy, Part I, New Energy, Issue 43, 2002, pp. 1-20. Quote is from p. 1.] 

Available at . See also D. L. Hotson, "Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy", Part II, New Energy, Issue 44, 2002, pp. 1-24.  Available at .

Dirac accordingly kept his mouth tightly closed the rest of his life, knowing that if he opened it regarding direct engineering of physical reality he would be killed within 24 hours. Thus he became known as the "most taciturn" scientist of all time.

Here is a direct quote from Dirac on the difficulty of removal of negative energy by the frightened leaders of the scientific community, which -- once one understands it -- rather clearly shows he already understood the tickling technique and its implications, and thus the direct engineering of reality:

"One gets over the difficulty in the classical theory by arbitrarily excluding those solutions that have a negative E. One cannot do this in the quantum theory, since in general a perturbation will cause transitions from states with E positive to states with E negative." [ Dirac, in Proceedings of the Royal Society A, Vol. 117, 1928, p. 610.].

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden   

Date: Mon, 08 Feb 2010 10:36:12 +0100
From: Thomas S***

Dear Mr. Bearden,

on your site I read about the possibility of calculating the muon's
lifetime using quaternions. That's cool, I didn't know that.
But did you know that some guy calculated pretty exact lifetimes and
masses for the whole particle zoo?
I guess your association cannot complete it's work without repeating
many of his thoughts and calculations.
Because his name isn't mentioned on your site I suppose you don't
know very much of his work.
He is not well noted in English literature because of several reasons.
Due to an explosion he was blind and handicapped. In addition he
disliked the scientific establishment.
So he wrote in German and wasn't peer reviewed (another
"distinguished scientist").
For that it's hard work not only to understand his math but also not
to trap into the same faults he made in his work.
His name is Burkhard Heim. For your convenience I include a few
documents found on the net without regarding copyright questions.
As I never worked in this field its no use in asking me questions
about his theory but I would be glad to hear if this hint was
helpful for you in any way.

Sincerely yours