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Subject: RE: MEG Questions
Thanks (Executive Correspondent)!
You may also wish to check my website,, for new papers on other related subjects.
E.g., we give some references and a bit of details on the astounding seizure and hiding by our Department of Energy of a developed process for easily and cheaply making permanent magnets with asymmetric (anisotropic) strength magnetic fields laterally. Given such permanent magnets, just about anyone can easily assemble a self-powering permanent magnet motor or motor-generator, powering a load, in 15 minutes for peanuts. Our own DoE has apparently suppressed this manufacturing process deliberately, while keeping its implications hidden from the President, the Congress, the Scientific Community, and the American Public since at least 2001. The process has a U.S. patent in 1990, completely before DoE involvement and taking over control of the patent.
If this process can be wrested from DoE's ruthless suppression, then once the magnets are in production and become available, a virtual "explosion" of cheap clean "energy from the vacuum" systems will be produced everywhere, by all nations and peoples, in all our universities, etc. It means that all dependence on gas and oil etc. will then rapidly diminish, and tremendously expensive and very dirty conventional electrical power plants will disappear to be replaced by self-powering permanent magnet motor generators. Given the asymmetric (anisotropic) field permanent magnets in mass production, this explosion of solving the world's energy crisis can be done in a single year!
Also, I have rediscovered the method of directly engineering physical reality (that Dirac and others realized in the late 1920s) by use of combined positive and negative energy patterns induced in the local vacuum. This frightened the leaders of the physics community almost out of their minds. A thoroughly scared physics community leadership arbitrarily removed negative energy from most of physics in 1934.  I call this area "precursor engineering"; the Soviet weapons scientists call it a part of their secret weapons science of "energetics". One directly engineers the specific precursor -- the local set of "bubbling positive energy vacuum virtual particle reactions" that continually build up and continually create every locally observable entity, process, etc. By adding the proper negative energy and negative energy patterning into that "precursor bubble interaction process", one is able to "unhappen" any part of its ongoing creation, thus altering that "observable reality result" at will. The basic process is easy to apply, using a little "tickling" mechanism that Dirac himself pointed out.
Today, some leading physicists (notably Dr. Dan Solomon and his colleagues) have already published very rigorous papers in the leading physics literature pointing out that this removal of negative energy from physics in 1934 was a colossal error and one of the greatest mistakes in the history of physics. If this Dirac tickling process to create and use a specifically patterned local vacuum "bubbling" energy can be forced back out from its 75 years of suppression, then "patterned vacuum tickling" (precursor engineering) will immediately galvanize the entire world and its entire scientific community. There is literally no physical limit to the resulting ability to directly engineer physical reality, once the technology starts developing.
Absolutely rigorous proof that real processes and systems can be built to extract excess EM energy from the seething virtual state vacuum has been given by Klimov and his colleagues at Los Alamos National Laboratory and published widely in the hard literature. The experiments have been replicated easily by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and the initial process -- producing COP = 200% and with the theoretical capability of producing COP = 700% -- is being developed as a laser-energy-amplifier, taking the excess energy directly from the vacuum.
By combining the microscopic nanocrystalline Klimov process with the unique properties of a tiny tourmaline crystal (it continually and freely emits real far infrared photons extracted freely from the vacuum, so serves as an "inexhaustible battery" freely outputting the real observable photons), the IR tourmaline output photons can then become the input photons to the Klimov process, with the input energy "absolutely free for the taking", furnished freely by the active vacuum and the tourmaline crystal's broken symmetry. Hence the combination of the two processes opens up the immediate development of self-powering "solar" cells and self-powering "batteries", which can sit anywhere and continually emit electrical current for our free using. This would be a true self-powering generator or battery.
With the precursor engineering approach, once developed, it is a simple matter to "tickle" the local vacuum of a region or volume, so that this local vacuum will contain both positive energy/positive probabilities and negative energy/negative probabilities. By adjusting the "tickling" pattern and operation, then with very weak "tickling" energy one can alter the local vacuum by adding negative energy in it, so that the altered local vacuum will then directly "engineer" and change the observed reality constituent one is targeting. "Unhappening" of the last highest positive energy effect is very easy and is now working in five processes, unbeknownst to the inventors of at least four of those five processes. Two are independently proven watergas processes, one is the bubble fusion process (using sound energy gradients to tickle the local Dirac Sea vacuum), and the other is a cancer cure that is now demonstrating astounding results in real tests by the well-known cancer institute that is developing the process for the inventor, Dr. John Kanzius.
And the fifth process is the "cold molding" process used by the Soviets for decades to cause titanium metal to suddenly "unhappen" its lattice bonds and turn into a liquid at room temperature. This liquid (at room temperature, without any heating) is then poured into molds. The Russians have used this process (and have understood it) for decades to cold-mold their very thick titanium submarine hulls, something we could not do until I personally directed certain folks to some Soviet scientists who then demonstrated the process to them. In Russia, this is a part of their secret "energetics" weapons program, started immediately after WW II under Stalin's firm boot, and which had made great strides and successes by the early 1950s.
There is a sixth process that is presently a totally astonishing one to our leading biological scientists. There has been discovered a tiny jelly-fish-like creature about a fifth of an inch in diameter that, in the early 90s, started spreading from its Caribbean origin, into the oceans of the world. This organism does not age and die, but has eternal life unless physically killed. It "breeds" via its sexual process when sufficiently aged, then as it further ages it reverses its entire aging process and becomes young again. and then ages and goes through the breeding process again. And then reverses, and so on. This is documented in the hard biological science literature, as a tremendous mystery to our leading biological scientists.


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Times of London, TimesOnline, January 26, 2009.
     "Jellyfish usually die after propagating but Turritopsis reverts to a sexually immature stage after reaching adulthood and is capable of rejuvenating itself.
     The 4-5mm diameter creature, technically known as a hydrozoan, is the only known animal that is capable of reverting to its juvenile polyp state.
     Theoretically, this cycle can repeat indefinitely, rendering it potentially immortal."

They are also facing a future "contamination" of all the oceans of the world by this immortal creature, without any understanding as to how it is physically achieving its demonstrated immortality.
Actually, we can easily explain how the organism is able to do that as a classical example of precursor engineering, accidentally developed by random mutation in that species so that it can pattern its "brain-body connection spikes in its dendrite endings" appropriately. Indeed, given development of "precursor engineering", one will eventually develop and deliberately use the process in humans, so that the effects of aging can be readily reversed and human life becomes immortal except by accidental death or deliberate killing.
I also once stood beside a "10-sigma person" having very real and powerful psychophysical abilities, while he turned the entire sky over Kansas City dark as midnight at high noon, completely with his mind (i.e., with his patterned dendrite-ending spikes linking his mind to his body). Huge clouds also formed, with great bolts of lightning and torrential rain. This was in the center of a large zone in which no rain at all had fallen in more than 60 days; it was in the middle of a very strong drought. Foreigners in dark autos, heavily armed, were after him in ensemble. His name was Doyle Noyes, and eventually they did get him and kill him. There is a very active program, it seems, to suppress these exceedingly few 10-sigma persons (perhaps a half dozen at any one time) on planet Earth. Such a suppression program seems to have been in existence also for at least a century or more.
Stay tuned to my website; I will be putting information up on it as I painfully get the time to do it. We also plan to put the precursor engineering process and its explanation in a future small book as the second volume of my Energy from the Vacuum.
Again, we have only about two years to solve this world energy crisis completely, or the totally evil "powers that be" (the High Cabal, as Churchill called them) will continue to destroy our nation economically and flush it right down the toilet, along with most of the Western World. It will then be accompanied by a complete return to feudalism, and the disappearance of this fragile thing known as a "republic" which our founding forefathers sweat and died to form, for the first time perhaps in all human history. The High Cabal also would prefer that about 75% to 90% of the present humans on earth be killed, to reduce what they call "trash populations" (that's us serfs, in medieval terms). Simply examine how many states are on their way to being bankrupt (a couple are there already) right now and how many states are now signed up requesting a new Constitutional Convention. Just about anyone can see that the entire U.S. economy, and indeed much of the Western economy, is coming apart and going down the tube.
This is the real battle hidden under the table. Unless we somehow win it, then none of the rest of it makes any difference once our beloved United States republic is destroyed and humankind returns again to violent feudalism.
Quickly and effectively solving the world energy problem -- permanently and cheaply and cleanly -- will go a long way to helping us defeat the greater evil now besetting us and pressing us to our imminent destruction.
Hence precursor engineering is presently my most pressing concern. In spite of the physical disability of both my wife and I, I will do my very best to try to get this message across and get some powerful group or personage to actually get it going.
Very best wishes,

Tom Bearden