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The Direction in Energy and Physics Now Required
To (scientist),
You have put your finger directly on the remaining problem.
A solution to the world energy crisis is a solution to a PHYSICS problem, NOT to an electrical engineering problem!
With an MS in nuclear engineering, I have enough basic physics knowledge to conceptually work out many or most of the major energy-from-the-vacuum (EFTV) mechanisms. So from a "concepts" view, we have been able to explain most of the working free energy from the vacuum systems uncovered by various inventors. We worked with several such successful inventors, notably with Sweet (free energy and antigravity) and with Bedini (use of negative energy and Dirac Sea vacuum pulsing). With these decades of very hard work under my belt, I could now work with a proper team of trained physicists (say, seven or eight) who have all the pertinent mathematical disciplines required, and I could give them the concepts and mechanisms to start with which must be now expressed in the mathematical physics of asymmetric systems -- and which therefore must severely correct the sadly flawed and mutilated old deliberately symmetrized electrical engineering model. This physics team must contain one or more persons proficient in each area such as group theory, quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics, quantum vacuum theory, quantum field theory, gauge field theory, higher group symmetry electrodynamics models (such as quaternion electrodynamics, O(3) electrodynamics, etc.). At least a couple of physicists proficient in foundations of physics are also necessary, in my opinion, and a couple must be proficient in the modern nanocrystalline area also in order to encompass the rigorously proven work of Klimov et al., with EFTV nanocrystalline tiny solar cell systems producing from 200% to 700% coefficient of performance (COP), and rigorously and independently validated by two great national laboratories (LANL and NREL).
The end result of the efforts of the suggested physics team will then be a developed mathematical theory of the "energy from the vacuum" area. It will produce the mathematical physics model(s) for ASYMMETRIC electrical power systems, and not just the present standard and totally crippled SYMMETRICAL electrical power systems produced and modeled by our electrical engineers because of the deliberate symmetrization of the original Heaviside vector equations by Lorentz in 1892, as elicited by J. P. Morgan.
The physics team would thus rigorously correct the standard EE theory, which presently contains some 12 major falsities and which is the real problem that has generated the world energy crisis (see my paper sent to the National Science Foundation, and the letter of reply from that agency). Again, just before the birth of EE itself, the intended Heaviside model was intentionally crippled in 1892 and again restricted in 1900 by Lorentz, at the elicitation of the infamous J. P. Morgan, specifically to provide a highly crippled and mutilated "electrical engineering" (just being planned to set up and teach in the universities) that would never allow the future electrical engineers to think, design, build, and deploy "energy freely from the active medium" overunity systems already discovered by Nikola Tesla. See T. W. Barrett's rigorous proof that some of Tesla's actual patented circuits did produce just such excess energy from the active vacuum, and Tesla could thus have given the world free energy from the vacuum as early as 1890. The paper is T. W. Barrett, "Tesla's Nonlinear Oscillator-Shuttle-Circuit (OSC) Theory," Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie, 16(1), 1991, p. 23-41. Barrett shows that EM expressed in quaternions allows shuttling and storage of potentials in circuits, and also allows additional EM functioning of a circuit that a conventional EM analysis cannot reveal. He shows that Tesla's patented circuits did exactly this shuttling function. [The paper is carried on the website at internet link ]
So we have 40 years of very arduous work that has slowly made substantial conceptual progress, that now we very much need to transfer to a proper physics team, with very skilled physicists who are also vitally interested in solving the world energy crisis quickly and forever, and doing some absolutely new physics applications.
Finally, we have also rediscovered Dirac's knowledge (known to him as early as 1930) of exactly how to directly engineer physical reality itself, at will! Astoundingly, there are concrete and proven examples in both science and biology today such as Kanzius' proven watergas process, his proven cancer cure, the reversal and "unhappening" of diseases by a tiny little girl with mind and body of an 11-year old infant but actually 16 years old, and a tiny little jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula that became immortal against death by aging circa 1990, but everyone is searching for a BIOLOGY mechanism when in fact it is a Dirac sea vacuum tickling method already known to Dirac as early as 1930. This Dirac method deliberately uses and manipulates negative energy (which is in both Schrodinger's work and Dirac's original "theory of everything") and negative probabilities to do the direct engineering of any physical "thing" or physical process. I call it "precursor" engineering since one is directly engineering the ongoing fierce "virtual particle bubbling state interactions" (the "precursor") that continually create and sustain any observable physical thing. This science has been secretly developed by the Russians, but until recently it has been ruthlessly confined to their highly secret superweapons project. Recently they have released the scenar-cosmodic little automated hand-held system which will directly heal diseases, and today Soviet doctors are in fact treating their patients with these devices, using the Dirac Sea tickling method to manipulate negative energy and negative probability, and "unhappen" the specific disease or disorder directly. The Russian doctors are experiencing very good results with this methodology.
Another process is the "cold molding" process that the Soviets have used for decades to mold thick titanium submarine hulls at room temperature, by "tickling" the local vacuum of the titanium so that it contains a lattice-bond-unhappening pattern of negative energy. This "unhappens" the lattice bonds, which simply disappear, so that the titanium metal becomes a liquid at room temperature! Pour it in the molds and wait till the emptied Dirac sea holes are filled with electrons again, and the bonds are automatically restored so that the titanium again becomes a solid -- all at room temperature.
So this same team should also then be prepared to produce immortality against death by ageing (as stated, a tiny little jellyfish has already done it circa 1990, and has become immortal against death by ageing and has thus spread from the Caribbean Ocean  through all the oceans of the world. This is now PROVEN EXPERIMENTALLY in biology, printed in the leading biology texts, and known and accepted in biology. The biologists have not the foggiest clue to the mechanism involved, but are trying to find some cellular process. Instead, it is Dirac's physics "tickling of the Dirac sea" method. that provides the mechanism.
Note that negative energy was ruthlessly and viciously ripped out of Dirac's theory in 1934, one year after he and Schrodinger were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize.  This deliberate and violent mutilation of physics had nothing to do with science. It was designed to prevent our physicists from studying this negative energy application for directly engineering physical reality, and thus achieving the ability to do so. Particularly note that a very strong effort to restore this improperly "ripped out" negative energy is ongoing in physics, spearheaded by Dr. Daniel Solomon, Dean of the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences  at North Carolina State University.
There are other examples; and a friend of mine (John Bedini) has been directly using negative energy and Dirac sea pulsing for more than 30 years on the laboratory bench and in many of his free energy systems.
If this scientific group can be established, I believe it can very shortly accomplish precursor engineering of physical reality, and thus a leap forward in physics of at least 1,000 years!
Very best wishes,
Tom B.