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Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 22:58:38 -0600

Thanks Tony!


Yes, I really hope that photographer's shots are released openly soon.  If he got good ones that will stand up, then the story is going to have to be changed.


And yes, some nefarious things were plotted back there aways.  There was even a plot to take over the U.S. with a military coup.  Craziest darn thing you ever heard of.  But it actually was there, it just got aborted and countered.


And yes, they do muddle up folks' lives.  When my job at CSC was expiring in 1990, I used the last B&P money that Glennis, the president of the company, had and made a solid proposal to the BMD community on looking into scalar EM weaponry as antimissile defenses.  We got a call from the BMD folks, and the proposal was approved, and they already had the funds.  So my job would have been saved for another two years or so.  Had a very capable physicist on it also, etc.  Then the CIA came down, stopped that contract cold, and suddenly my name was "blacklisted" everywhere.  I worked three more years by calling in a debt that was owed.  When that one ran out, my aerospace career was finished.  The CIA saw to it.


Ah well!  They really did me a favor, it turned out, because I was working 90 hour weeks for 40 hours pay, and really getting too old for that!


Best wishes,