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Subject: RE: Shuttle - the sound of silence

Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 23:14:13 -0600


Yes, sound itself doesn't carry through space, but a bunch of EM pulses let loose from an explosion, etc. does, and when it enters the atmosphere it retranslates into sound that is representative of what happened out there.

But this thing is getting more interesting by the day, now that the photographer really has the picture and others have confirmed it (can't bury it now).  Really want to see that, when it is released (if they let it be released).

At least they've got NASA investigating it, and beginning to change the story a bit as to what it might or might not have been.



 Remember too that sound does not travel through the vacuum of space. 



I have on video (actually DVD) many witnesses reporting the sound of huge explosion around 9am on Saturday.

Q:  How could there be a huge explosion if all the fuel was spent?????

A simple break up would not make this kind of noise.