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Subject RE Commercial Applications?
Date Mon, 5 Feb 2001 230515 -0600


My reply is as follows, in which I took a little time because you are likely to get this same question again, with variations, and the same answer can be given.

As with the development of anything dramatically new, at first the technology is not sufficiently stable yet to just start producing systems, but needs about another year of research and development to get ready for full-up production engineering. The first automobiles (horseless carriages) were real curiosities, not really practical workhorses. Etc. Once the unit is fully developed and out of advanced R&D, of course any amount of needed funds can then be raised by simply licensing the manufacturing. The problem is to get from where we are now, to that point, without surrendering control of the project. That also would be the kiss of death, as I have now seen on several other projects. Once you lose the control of it, they drive it right into the ground and kill it. Some very powerful folks do not want this done under any circumstances.

All scientific funding channels are absolutely closed to the legitimate overunity researchers. Because of the scientific and power engineering community's use of 100-year old symmetrized (Lorentz condition) electrodynamics, the scientific community does not believe that overunity EM systems are possible, even in theory. 15% of that community froths at the mouth at the mere mention that one is permitted by the laws of nature -- and by the Maxwell-Heaviside equations before they were "fixed" and symmetrized by Lorentz to make them easier to solve -- to build EM systems far from equilibrium in their energetic exchange with the vacuum, and their broken symmetry in that exchange. Those fellows do not even model the vacuum energy exchange with the system (e.g., with the source dipole in the generator or battery), much less a broken symmetry in it! Simply witness the extraordinary vicious attack made upon cold fusion researchers -- with hundreds of proven working experiments by over 200 scientists in various labs in various nations around the world. Suppression of that work is not science, but pure dogma. Hundreds of other well-known examples of suppression of innovative science for 40 to 50 years can easily be given.
But then, any historian of science can tell you that that is the proven history and track record of the orthodox scientific establishment -- which itself is and has been the greatest barrier to any strong innovation in science. Eerily, our organized "big science" scientific community has largely turned itself into the very kind of dogmatic system it struggled 300 years to get out from under. Now it is a new dogmatic system of that same kind, itself.

So they will not allow any of those billions of dollars given to them by the American public to to be spent on this kind of research. Neither will the National Science Foundation or the National Academy of Sciences. The American Physical Society will not spend one cent to eliminate the known great confusion of "effect" as "cause" in the electrodynamics and mechanics models they advocate and utilize. Yet that is really what has kept us from antigravity, free energy from the vacuum, etc. Frankly, they do not have a single textbook or professor that has ever drawn an illustration of an EM wave in space before interaction with mass (easily shown). All profess to do so. Not a one of them does it. They do not even know what powers EM systems they build, even though the basis for what powers them all has been well-known (with Nobel Prize awarded to T.D. Lee) in particle physics for nearly a half century. But it hasn't even made it into the orthodox classical electrodynamics yet. Maybe after another half century...

The entire university system and the defense industry in this nation is still using transverse EM wave communications and stuff, which has been obsolete in armed combat now for decades. The nation is almost defenseless and doesn't even know it. It isn't that difficult to analyze what has really been arrayed against us. But that doesn't happen. Here is a statement made by the U.S. Secretary of Defense, which did not even raise an eyebrow.

"Others [terrorists] are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our [counterterrorism] efforts."  
Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn. Quoted from DoD News Briefing, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Q&A at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy, University of Georgia, Athens, Apr. 28, 1997.

Note that the Secretary did not speak the words in square brackets, which were later officially inserted. He was not talking about a "few little terrorists" but several nations who now possess -- and are testing and using -- such "novel" electromagnetic weapons. Those are longitudinal EM wave weapons and longitudinal EM wave interferometers. They can destroy ordinary ships, aircraft, submarines, missiles, satellites, and command and control centers with ridiculous ease. They can also engineer the weather over your head (been doing it since July 4, 1976 -- a Bicentennial gift to the U.S.!). They can also initiate dormant volcanoes into eruption, generate earthquakes, etc. just as the Secretary stated. But not a single U.S. university, so far as I am aware, teaches any courses in longitudinal EM waves, how to make and use them, etc. Special applications can also be used to cure terminal cancers and leukemia, could cure AIDS or be developed to do so, can reverse aging, clean out clogged arteries, and cure infectious diseases. With the exception of AIDS, those types of cures were demonstrated in France in the 1950s to the early 1970s, before the project was ruthlessly suppressed. After all, we must not upset the enormous profits of the great pharmaceutical companies, who make such handsome profits from the drugs they sell.

The scientific "system" puts together "research packages" with a given amount of funding, for the professors and research teams to file proposals for and "bid on". All the types of research that will be done, are already prescribed and carved in stone in these packages. There are no packages for overunity electrical power system research. Not a single professor or grad student or post doc will be funded to do that. If the professors do not win some of those packages and some of that money, and bring in extra money to the university so that the greedy university administrations can use the overhead portion, the professors are on the way out of there themselves. It has mostly become a "big monkey" game, of greed and primate dominance. So some of our brightest profs spend much of their time writing inane proposals on mostly ordinary research things. The scientific community is not doing a single thing that will SOLVE the energy crisis. Help it a wee bit, yes. Solve it, absolutely not. They have not even determined what a solution option could be! Build a transformer with efficiency greater than 100%, hogwash! Build a self-powering battery powered system operating a motor for continuous shaft horsepower, hogwash! Build a battery powered automobile that recharges its batteries simultaneously while powering its loads, insanity! Never mind that
Bedini has been doing that with little proof of principle systems for more than 20 years. Never mind that it can be rigorously demonstrated. Today, they defend the theory they accept and love, not the experiment.

Nor are our scientists in the scientific community doing anything to quit using the hydrocarbons and nuclear power plants and dams to get electrical power -- even though every system is powered by energy extracted from the vacuum by the source dipole. But they fiendishly design all those systems to kill that dipole faster than it can power the loads. So all those hydrocarbons have to be burned, etc. to boil water to drive a steam turbine to turn the shaft of the generator to restore that dipole -- that the power system is designed to keep right on destroying!

Big Nuke is still a formidable power to be reckoned with. Billions have been spent on hot fusion alone, and not a single watt has been added to the power line by it. They are still speaking of "perhaps in 50 years". Got news for them; there is not going to even be a civilization 10 years from now, unless something else to fix the energy problem is done.

Now if they would use the same criterion for funding overunity EM power system research, the problem would be solved in no more than two years total. No more than $100 million total, if the right team is selected to do it. $20 million will finish our own project marvelously, with prototype systems in one year and many sizes of systems readied for production in two years. Another $20 million will finish several versions of Bedini's proven systems, scaling them up for use in power systems. Etc.

Neither are the universities and government labs any help. Both universities and government labs file patents themselves! Any involvement with them is the kiss of death; DARPA (changes its name every so often) will insert something they call "march-in" rights which means they declare you are not getting it to market fast enough, and then just appropriate your patents. Or the labs will change a coil or something, and promptly patent it and run with it. Or, the government folks have some fiendishly designed "partnership" money -- they call it -- where a big corporation (read favored contractor, with sometimes a secret deal under the table with the government fellow in control of the funds) must be part of it, and will in fact participate in ownership of any patents. In short, just give your patent rights away, and the government will be happy to steal it from you. The universities are just as bad. Mostly so are the venture capitalists, unless you are already to the point where you can do it by licensing anyway. There are a few notable exceptions, but those things are the rule.

So the dilemma is one of getting the necessary patronage. All scientific work is patronized; someone has to pay the freight for the salaries, laboratories, supplies, overhead, etc. In the Advanced R&D stage for something "well outside the box", if it's dead-set opposed by the scientific community, you're dead in the water there, because all the scientific funding is going to stay pretty well inside the box.

It would appear the only hope is when enough Americans get cold enough, their electrical power gets unsteady and insecure, etc., the factories shut down for lack of dependable electricity more than a few hours a day, enormous numbers of jobs are lost, a recession is underway, and enough of a great uproar erupts from the public now recognizing it is being ripped off (by both industry and the scientific community). Perhaps when the public gets really up in arms, then there may even be some funding to finish this and eliminate the energy crisis for once and for all. Otherwise, it will depend on something like a quite wealthy private donor who wishes to see it done and simply donates the necessary grant money. Most such patrons, however, already have very long lines of the orthodox fellows waiting in there and clamoring to scarf up all such funding the patron might provide.

The public does not realize what the scientific community has been doing to it, or how it has been "ripped off" by the scientific community itself. If it would just take 2% of its budget, and see that it was spent on only those research projects that were rigorously not the conventional things, the problem would be very quickly solved.

So it's a chicken and egg situation. If you had the chicken, you could get some eggs. If you had the eggs, you could get a chicken. The problem is, how do you get started in the chicken business when you have neither? And when there are any number of "guardians of the faith" absolutely determined to use any means -- fair or foul -- to see that you do not get any chickens or any eggs?

Anyway, we and other legitimate overunity researchers are doing our best and will continue to do so. Frankly, at this point that may not be good enough. If self-powering overunity electrical power systems are not rolling off the assembly line en masse no later than first quarter 2004 (and I would feel much better if it were no later than first quarter 2003), it becomes academic anyway because then we will have passed the absolute point of no return. In that case, the collapse of the global economy will inevitably occur sometime about like 2008. But a year or so earlier -- as the economies of many nations start crumbling into massive recessions and then depressions, the resulting eruption of violent conflicts will unleash all those arsenals of weapons of mass destruction (25 nations have them, with more getting them every year) that the world has been stockpiling for decades. The world is actually a giant powder keg, waiting to totally explode once the right spark occurs. We will get the great Armageddon -- nuclear and otherwise -- that everyone has feared for all these decades, and it appears we will get it no later than 2007 unless the escalating energy crisis curves are "blunted". Isn't it "odd" that -- during this California crisis that is really a profiteering "feeding frenzy" by certain greedy wholesalers -- some 48 power plants in California are off line, "down for maintenance", etc.??? Isn't that just ducky? And isn't it just a "great coincidence?" Sure it is! And if one believes that, then I bought a highway bridge down the road last week, that I'll make that person a very good good price on.

The first quarter 2004 date is the latest time that enough lead time for deployment and partial replacement of on line present power systems will do the required amount of blunting to prevent the world economic collapse. Quite simply, if we the United States and the Western World miss that point of no return, civilization itself will be destroyed, and perhaps 3/4 of the humans on earth will die. As example, if the terrorists release smallpox (and some of them have smallpox pathogens for biological warfare), it will kill nearly 2 billion -- that's with a b, not an m -- persons worldwide. That alone is nearly a third of the world population. For the blunt statement to that effect, see Laurie Garrett, "The Nightmare of Bioterrorism," Foreign Affairs, 80(1), Jan./Feb. 2001, p. 76-89. Or see her several books.

And that is only a single biological pathogen that can be unleashed at will -- by many nations, many not very stable, and many hostile to the Western world in general and the United States in particular.

So it seems we will still have to wait, in spite of all we can do, till the energy agony of our citizens mounts to an unbearable fever pitch. At that point, perhaps they will force the issue, and perhaps we will still have the necessary year to do it, prior to the first quarter 2004. We have one other possibility; a personal friend of mine seems likely to come into many millions of dollars very soon. If so, he has already pledged to put in some millions to get this project down the track and across the finish line much more speedily. So if that happens, we can still beat that point of no return because we will have the independent funds to just get it done. Any number of folks such as Gates, Turner, etc. could fund its completion by grant, without missing the pocket change, but that is not going to occur. My friend is licensing a vast new longitudinal EM wave communication system that is noise-free, unlimited bandwidth, and not confined to light speed. Several large companies are backing him already, and rigorous demonstrations of the prototypes have already been successfully made. It will quietly enter the market in the not too distant future -- and my friend will then be a quite wealthy man.

Otherwise, if we overrun that point of no return, then in summer 2004 I will personally quit it all, quietly enjoy my family during what little time is left for this old soldier before we get overrun and civilization perishes. I will also lift a final glass of fine wine in the old Roman gladiator's salute We who are about to die salute you!


Tom Bearden

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With the obvious power crunch in California and elsewhere it would make sense to provide this technology to the average homeowner to power their home. Would this be possible? I'm sure I could find many private investors who would pay big money to have their homes taken off the grid. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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