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Subject: RE: Next Big Future: Jovion Corporation Gets Patent for Zero Point Energy Extraction
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 09:27:42 -0600


Thanks Tony!


At least they have funding for an effort at it!


Hope they succeed, even if it is going to take them some years.


We still desperately need the forcing out of DoE hands the process for easily and cheaply producing asymmetric field permanent magnets. Given the production of those magnets, then everyone everywhere could and would be producing self-powering permanent magnet motors and motor-generators. The explosion would also spread immediately throughout the scientific community, reversing all the professional skeptic BS etc.


A major difference between taking the energy directly from the virtual state vacuum flux, as opposed to the ZPE zitterbewegung process that produces a feeble amount of "jitter" of an observable particle such as an electron, is that one is trying to capture some of the "observable jitter". Extracting jitter energy in the observable state is a secondary process applied to a more fundamental primary process extracting the "jitter" energy from the virtual vacuum.


So the "bad guys" will allow funding and slow progress along the "jitter energy" or ZPE route, but will strongly react to any DIRECT extraction from the virtual state with strong suppression and countermeasures.


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