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Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 21:00:15 -0600
Dear John,

Very much appreciate the information and kind offer, but these days I simply cannot travel or do much of anything else physically speaking. Am also taking care of my wife 24/7, since her stroke several months ago.

Anyway, I certainly wish you well in your efforts, and anything at all that can be done about the AIDS situation is very, very important.

The 33 years of the BW mycoplasma infection of my red blood cells (in 1968) did its number.  After the heart attack in 2001, I finally found out (from a friend) about the BW mycoplasma spray program (joint U.S. and Canada) that occurred in Canada and Florida, with highly diluted BW mycoplasma.  That passed it into the mosquito population, from whence it got into the environment and into humans -- and into me in 1967-68 when I was stationed in Canada with the U.S. military. Finally getting a confirming test in 2001, a year on antibiotics did get the mycoplasma, but in those 33 years the damage had been done just about everywhere. So it looks like I will not get any better (strong chronic fatigue, basically draw out my anaerobic system each and every day by the end of the daylight, still have to take some remedial oxygen to stay just up out of the hypoxia, etc.). Can't stand very long (5 minutes), or walk very far. Can't travel at a distance, but can still drive around town, go to the grocery store, and care for my wife. For that I'm very thankful. I have some very dedicated and loyal friends who provide and operate the website, etc. and again I am very blessed in that respect. I simply plan to keep doing the best I can, and finish writing down everything I know or have discovered so that the young fellows can just start here and go lots further -- and get it done.

Ah well!  I can also still do some useful work, since most of my work is writing (using the computer) and thinking. Have started slowly on another book; one which will have some spectacular new releases in the energy field. With a close colleague, we have uncovered how to do negative entropic engineering, where the vacuum environment just simply provides all the energy one asks for, though in peculiar form but easily transduced into usable real EM energy. Will be saving that as a surprise for when the book comes out.

So we're still managing to make a contribution to the human welfare and to this old planet, and perhaps even (eventually) to cleaning up this precious environment of ours. I plan to continue to do that to the best of my abilities, so long as I'm still going.

Very best wishes and I hope you have great success in treating and curing AIDS etc.,

Tom Bearden