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Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 16:20:26 -0600

Dear Phil,

Sorry I didn't answer originally; somehow this fell through the cracks (often times my study is more "cracks" than solid tables!")

Anyway, very glad you got to see some of the wild cloud phenomena the weather control guys are giving us these days.  Particularly interesting is the degree of "internal structuring" being used.  What this means is that more and more "engines" are being used, to accomplish specific purposes in specific targets (not necessarily just weather engineering).

Not long back, e.g., I saw some 14 nested "chicken tracks" (smaller giant radials) in one huge conglomerated configuration, pushing the dickens out of the jet stream, forcing it way southward and bringing in that extraordinary cold weather that subsequently enveloped the entire south.

So they've gotten more sophisticated over the years.

Please keep looking; the weather engineering is not going to stop, but if anything will increase.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Dear Cheniere/ Mr. Bearden

Thank you for doing what you are doing. Never did I think in this lifetime I would encounter such straightforward data. Tom is ingenious at explaining conceptually that which needs to be understood by at least some of the population. I'm very grateful to Tom for now being able to understand electrogravitics, antigravity, vacuum flux energy phenomena, etc. I did want to share with you my observations on a trip I took recently. Luckily, I had seen some or most of the photos of anomalous cloud phenomena on your site prior to my trip. I drove from upstate NY to Florida and back between Nov. 25 and Dec. 13. On my way down, I saw unmistakable scalar cloud formations, particularly in southern Virginia/ Northern North Carolina, and also Southern Georgia/ North and Central Florida. Same areas for my return. Some highlights: Southern Georgia- Huge radial with telltale feathery spokes.....then saw passenger sized jet with single persistent contrail, not dual short-lived contrail (no other observed jets were leaving ANY contrails that day) evidently spraying into the radial zone. On my return trip, I saw LOTS of straight lines, right angles, a cross, graffiti, etc. One spectacular yet fleeting moment consisted of a beautiful lenticular, perfectly "ufo" shaped (and who knows- possibly natural) framed by a sunburst of high altitude radial straight lines and "feathery" stuff. Simultaneously exhilarating and depressing. But the most noteworthy to me were a large hexagon and pentagon formed out of those straight line medium altitude "boilers" (they look like a straight tube with cloud "boiling" up off the formation tube, or down, or across. I was transfixed by a "spatula" consisting of a nearly perfect pentagon with a straight line handle. Visible moisture was dripping or falling from the pentagon plate part and the handle was not flowing or dripping with moisture. This was in southern VA. That whole area of the country was just awash in too many straight lines and perfect angles of various divisibles of 360. Man, I hear you now. The pent would have been Dec.13 late afternoon @ Roanoke Rapids. Wild. Please let me know what I might be able to do to help, particularly on the energy front, which I think we agree is most pressing. Good luck with the MEG (Scientific American be damned). F. Sweet forever!