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Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 00:02:06 -0600
Dear Ronald,

I'm very pleased at your interest in the area, but usually I advise young folks working on their degree to "play it pretty safe and standard" until they do get the degree. So if you can discuss it as  "possibility", where there are some "indications" of possible development,  and that is a secondary part of your program, you may possibly get away with it without ruining your chances of the degree. I do urge you to consider your degree needs first. Get the degree, even if you have to pay the piper to do it, and then you can branch out on your own interests.

That said, there is of course plenty of supporting evidence on the website and in my books and papers. Secretary of Defense Cohen confirmed in 1997 the EM weather engineering, stimulating of volcanoes into eruption, and inductance of earthquakes. The paper by Evans et al. on scalar interferometry rigorously confirms (in higher group symmetry EM) that scalar interferometry in fact really does produce EM fields and energy structures at a distance, at will. The Whittaker papers 1903 and 1904 taken together do show that all normal EM fields and potentials and waves decompose into harmonic sets of bidirectional longitudinal EM wavepairs with applied differential functions. So we have been in fact writing about a more fundamental electromagnetics that has already clearly been shown to make the conventional stuff.

The kill of the Arrow DC-8 in Gander Newfoundland in Dec.1985 is a particularly good case, since we had the pictures of the actual strike of that weapon two weeks earlier in Florida, with the strike offset from U.S. shuttle launch. The Soviet crews were using the shuttle launches at Cape Canaveral as convenient "ICBM launch" type targets. In the Arrow DC-8, the strike of the weapon also is photographed as the hole burned right through the right side of the fuselage just ahead of the wing. The autopsies on the bodies later showed that half of them (i.e., in the forward cabin) were already dead of cyanide gas poisoning before the aircraft crashed.  The plastic carpets and upholstery in the forward cabin, struck by that furious ball of EM energy, explosively outgassed -- and one of the products is indeed hydrogen cyanide. etc. There are over a dozen signatures on the aircraft, including synchronized sharp "pulses" on both detectors at the exact same time, when that ball of energy struck the aircraft. There was no icing on the aircraft, but its thrust was reduced -- showing that the engine combustion was being cooled. We cite another eerie incident months earlier, where just such "engine cooling" was used to flame out the engines of an airliner, so that it fell some 30,000 feet before the pilot could restart the engines.

The updated "Fer-de-Lance" has many of those and other incidents in it, as does "Gravitobiology."

Most major national weapon labs in the world have also now discovered longitudinal EM waves -- which means they also have discovered scalar interferometry (longitudinal EM wave interferometry). Such papers can be downloaded from many of their websites, openly.

Anyway, good luck on your research and on your thesis and graduate program. We wish you every success.

Yours truly,

Tom Bearden