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Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 17:12:44 -0600

Dear Samuel,

You are correct in recognizing the importance of the bolded words.  That is an area  in which Bedini and I are working very hard, just now.  It refers to (no good name for it) something like Wheeler's pre-geometry, with respect to energy one might say "pre-energy", only it's a sort of pre-electromagnetics.  It is similar to the vacuum, in that normally one would think it's just a huge zero, so it would appear more like "electrical ground" or "pure electrical ground reference", so to speak.  So one is dealing with, "How do I extract and use gobs of energy freely, from electrical ground?"

Yet in any grounded circuit, there is just as much current running through the ground as there is through the potentialized side of the circuit.  But the ground current is said to have no "power" because it (for a perfect ground) has no voltage (no potential), and in EE one needs both voltage and amperage (and little phase lag between them!) to have "power".  Actually that should long ago have given a clue: In theory, if one has the current lagging the voltage by 90 degrees, one has zero power or what is called "apparent power".  Usually that will not run anything --- but if you run it through a proper delay feature, you can get the current and voltage to get back in phase with each other, and voila!  Now it's "real power".  The power company actually pays some things because they do something similar and "correct the power factor".

Look at it this way.  One can get all the energy you wish, at minuscule cost, by having an enormous voltage with very little current at all.  And one can get all the current you wish, at minuscule cost, by having an enormous current with very little voltage.  If one can find a way to combine those two entities, so that one accepts the voltage from one and the current from the other, and then tricks them to getting together, one would have enormous power suddenly appear at very little input cost.

And there is a great clue:  If one gets the vast voltage for free, and if one "pins" or hold the vast amount of charge so it can't flow as current at least for a bit of time, then --- during that "charge pinned" time --- one can freely flow that voltage across that charge and potentialize it "for free". In short, one can indeed combine the big voltage and the big charge for free, if one freezes that charge so it can't move as current during the potentialization process.  The voltage will graciously do it for you!

Then if  one switches away the original source of the high potential, once the vast charge has been potentialized in pinned condition, and suddenly frees the now-potentialized charges in a separate complete circuit where the current is constrained to flowing only in one circulation direction, one can now discharge the already-combined extreme voltage and extreme current as extreme power to power the load until all that collected extreme power has been dissipated.  Then one can just repeat the process cyclically, to continue powering a huge load for peanuts.

My colleagues and I filed a preliminary patent on that process some years ago, but later had to abandon it. The process we were using required a very special alloy which in turn required some very expensive metallurgical work which we were never able to afford.  But the PROCESS is impeccable and it will hold up rigorously.  It is definitely a doable that someone ought to develop.

But back to Kron's open path and the "zero reference ground" potential.  With respect to any other reference potential one may freely choose, that "zero ground" suddenly now is a real potential (real voltage), and so --- with respect to this second reference or "second ground" ---- the first ground now suddenly can be used to do work and power things.  In other words, I can take one "reference zero ground" and another different "reference zero ground" at different reference potential, and power circuits between the two! And if I'm clever and take the difference in potential off as pure potential and store it on some pinned or fixed charges so no current flows, I can have all the energy collected on those pinned charges that I wish, and absolutely for free.   Then if I switch that SECONDARY collector into a separate circuit and allow it to discharge normally, it will power the circuit.  Then I can switch the collector back to the source of potential, grab some more free potential without power, and do it all over again and a gain.  That of course is the essence of Bedini's battery switching process which he discovered long ago, and which he has been using successfully to achieve a variety of COP>1.0 systems for many years.  It works.

 Further, if one recognizes the asymmetry of opposite charges (which also means potential differences), then the mere fact that the difference exists between those charges or their locations, is ITSELF also extracting EM energy from the vacuum and outputting it as a real energy flow in space.  Kron called this his "open path", and it took him many years to discover it.  He was never allowed to reveal the secret of his "open path", but did leave certain hints in his rigorous papers published in leading journals.

Another way to look at it is this: take any reference potential (such as a simple charge) anywhere in the universe.   Take another one, somewhere else in the universe, which is at a different potential (with respect to the ambient vacuum potential, which is extraordinarily energetic).  Those two charges (that difference in potential) form a dipolarity, even across great separation distance, with a situation where there is opposite or different charge at "each side" or "each end".  Thus the proven broken symmetry of opposite charges applies.  In turn, this means that this crazy extended dipolarity is receiving some virtual energy from the vacuum, transducing it into real observable EM energy, and then continuously pouring out that real EM energy. 

Any charge in the universe interacts in just such "open path" fashion with any other differing charge in the universe, to produce a free flow of energy in space.  The number of such dipolarities and open paths is beyond all counting.  So contrary to how we are taught, all "empty space" is filled with a mind-boggling number (essentially infinite) energy currents in all directions, from untold numbers of dipolarities.  Yet it all usually appears to be "zero" to anything of any particular size, where the fluctuations zero out on the average. But at a smaller level, things are going berserk.  It's comparable to sitting a cork in a glass of still water, and my! The cork sits there seemingly absolutely still.  Now put in some colloidal particles and examine them under the microscope, and they are moving with fierce banging and velocity and accelerations like mad, showing that the molecules of the "still" water are actually in very violent motion, and they are buffeting the colloidal particles fiercely.  That of course is just Brownian motion.  But if one goes sufficiently small enough, and could look in there, the motion and energy would have become absolutely mindboggling -- so fierce that even mass itself would be ethereally thin by comparison.

The trick now is to learn how to intercept the "open path" or "ground" electricity and energy flows and direct them in such a way that one gets it to perform useful work.  For that, one has to make a fundamental change to thermodynamics, which does not encompass the "open path" effect.  I'm laboring on that part of it now, and have been for several months, and I believe I finally have broken the key.  Anyway, we will know for certain fairly soon.

So what you are groping toward is, I think, Gabriel's Kron's "open path" in its greater sense.  And yes, if one can learn its phenomenology and characteristics and understand it, one can power the world cheaply, cleanly, and with ridiculous ease.

Of course, there are some very powerful and very wealthy folks behind most of the interlocking energy-related corporations and large financial structures, etc., who reap huge windfalls from the present systems of electrical powering, oil, and other energy aspects. (They do the same with pharmaceuticals).  It's not a monolith at all, but a loose collection of cartels that Winston Churchill called the "High Cabal".  Certain of those powerful folks already know about the "open path" (their fathers or uncles were probably the ones who suppressed Kron's open path), and who are determined to suppress any open working knowledge of it.  Stubblefield called this kind of energy "earth electricity", and developed what he called "earth batteries", etc.  to succeed in using it before he died early in the 1900s.  He produced heat, light, and power --- right out of the ground itself by very simple-looking (but highly complicated in operational mechanism) means --- so he had it all.  As a result, when he died in poverty, everything under his little cabin was dug out by some mysterious folks from outside that entire place, and the plates etc. he had installed in the surrounding hills, etc. were all dug up and removed, as was all the equipment from his cabin.  As an example, he caused the hills themselves to emit light, and his little cabin was toasty warm from two special plates wired to other special plates inserted in the ground.

I believe (and hope) that Bedini and I will be able to crack this area and understand it,  because of John's experimental ability on the bench and his understanding of some of the fundamental phenomenology already.  If we break it, we are going to reveal it openly, by just putting it out there on the Internet for all to see. John will file a patent so he will have some intellectual property rights to pay expenses, but by hanging it out there it will guarantee that the genie can never again be put back in the bottle.

It is high time that we quit the present ever-increasing giant pollution of the biosphere just to get energy and power.  John is already well into the problem experimentally. I'm struggling with the explanation (even a sufficiently good "ad hoc" one will do) and I do believe we shall be able to explore it and explain it sufficiently for it to be duplicated and made into a technology.

This is an area we really don't want a lot of questions etc. on.  Once we get the work done, we'll hang the results out there for all the world to see.

So yes, your intuition was right on.  It is a very deep, very complicated subject, and very challenging.  So it's going to take some time. With a bit of luck we hope to have the gist of it in about a year.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Bob Beck introduced me to Tom back in the late 70's or early 80's.
I have been keeping up with his work and communicated with him
once by e-mail. (misplaced his address)
I have some information that he may or may not be familiar with.
The source of the info will remain anonymous as you wouldn't believe
it if I told you.  It is about the primal nature of magnetism.  I quote,
"Magnetism may be viewed as either derivative or primary depending
on one's level of understanding.  In it's primary condition there are no
polarities and no scarcities. Now contemplate a civilization in which
energy is not a commodity over which to fight or hoard. Can you see
that would change everything."
Somehow, I think the part in bold face type is important.  Tom may
already know all there is to know about this, but I think there is a clue
there which most people have overlooked.
Also, I read his paper on Priore' and I would like to know if anyone had
made any progress on reproducing his work since the paper was written?
Thanks for your help,
Samuel J