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Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 17:57:55 -0600

Hi Brad,


Glad to see you are still doing shows etc. Hang in there!


I no longer do any radio talk shows or TV shows. Part of keeping my backside watched and protected a bit.


My health is also just about gone; while in the U.S. Army and stationed in Canada in 1966-68, I caught the biological warfare modified mycoplasma our guys made and sprayed in Canada (several places) and in Florida. Just about destroyed my aerobic system, and I survived three serious hospitalizations in Quebec only by the French doctors finally opening up both the chest and abdomen, and moving all the organs around for about three hours to aerate them thoroughly. They had found that this mysterious disease (no one knew what it was) was 100% fatal if they did not do that, but still 50% fatal if they did. So I luckily made the 50% that lived once the procedure was performed, but was left with a permanent loss of endurance etc. that slowly increased year by year.  I managed to finish out my army service (retired at the end of 1975), and worked in aerospace until 1993, but with slowly increasing fatigue etc. When one survives the first onslaught, the mycoplasma buries in one’s red blood cells and hibernates for 20 or 30 years, then one day it resurges, usually killing the patient then via stroke or heart attack or both. My resurgence occurred in 2001 with a heart attack, but I still managed to survive though with pretty rough hypoxia remaining. I had sense enough to purchase and daily take my own oxygen, when the heart doctors would not assign it.


Then an old spooky buddy – who was in lots of deep black programs and calls checking on me once a year – called and immediately recognized what the real problem was, once I told him of the Canada incidents. The info on the deep black BW mycoplasma program had been forced out of that program into some Senate hearings, so I was able to confirm what it was that way. Also, by a fluke my family doctor had the only clinic in the U.S. whose lab could give the test for that specific mycoplasma. So I had the test and specifically confirmed the BW mycoplasma diagnosis in Dec. 2001. In 2002, I spent my year on antibiotics, which finally got the mycoplasma, but also did a pretty good number on lots of other things. I bought and paid for my own oxygen (still do) for taking every day, to stay up out of the hypoxia and remain alive. As my doctor said, “You name it and it’s damaged. Heart, lungs, internal organs, nervous system, muscular system, the works. So you will not get any better.”


Then in 2003 Doris had a stroke, and in 2004 and early 2005 had a huge blood clot in the heart (finally dissolved), all her organs shutting down for death (got her to the hospital in the nick of time), and then a congenital heart failure late last year. But she’s still with me, thank God! So I also care for her 24/7. In 2005 I also developed pulmonary fibrosis in addition to the rest of it.


Meanwhile, I am still able to write a few things for my website, and even an occasional book or paper. Thanks to some highly dedicated and tremendous persons, we have the material hung on our website,, and so we continue to get out the physics of legitimate overunity systems taking their excess energy freely from the vacuum. The goal is to save the young scientists and engineers coming on – at least those interested – from having to do 35 years of agonizing research to find out where all the bits and pieces are hidden in physics and thermodynamics (the standard CEM/EE model explicitly forbids such systems, since Lorentz arbitrarily symmetrized the Heaviside-Maxwell equations in 1892 and thereby arbitrarily discarded all asymmetric Maxwellian systems – the very ones that are allowed to use excess energy from the vacuum to help power their loads).


As pointed out by eminent scientists such as Feynman, Wheeler, and many others, the standard CEM/EE model taught to all our electrical engineers is the biggest piece of scientific junk ever propagated by the scientific community. So we gathered up a listing of all the known falsities in that model, and put the list in a paper, “Errors and Omissions in the CEM/EE Model”, and hung it on our website for the young fellows to be able to download freely. There is not a single EE department, professor, or text that teaches the EM field in massless space, and there never has been one – although all purport to do so. There is not a single EE department, professor, or text that even knows where the energy in the EM circuit comes from, and there never has been one – again, though all purport to teach such. Cranking the shaft of a generator has nothing at all to do with pouring out EM energy onto the conductors and the external circuits to power the loads.


Anyway, in 2002 we got out our huge Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts and Principles (nearly 1000 pages, profusely referenced) and then recently we got out our new book, Oblivion: America at the Brink on the threat that is coming down on us, its history, and the type of superweapons science involved.


The true cause of the world energy crisis is – and for a century has been – the false teachings of our own scientific community, which continues to propagate such known lies (pointed out by Feynman, Wheeler, and many others)  in that sorry old electrical engineering model. We give the references, etc. for the young fellows to go check it out and make up their own minds.


Anyway, that’s the situation, and these days I’m only active in caring for my beloved Doris and, as I can, writing things in the energy area for my website and an occasional paper etc. We have also given the threat that is actually coming down on us now. The U.S. is scheduled for a planned destruction no later than a year and a half from now, in the asymmetric war that has been waged on us for some 20 years or so. Hopefully the Israelis – who have saved our bacon several times in the past – can save us all one more time. In that case, the young fellows will have a chance to change the present scientific dogma and force the correction of the sorry old 1880s EE model, thereby giving us cheap clean EM energy permanently and with ease. This will of course solve the energy crisis forever, and also clean up the biosphere. So that is where our efforts – feeble though they may be – are presently devoted.


Hope things go well with you and Sherry!


Best wishes,