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Magnetic is still electromagnetic, as is optical.

Any electromagnetic field, wave, signal, whatever is naught but a bundle of longitudinal EM waves plus their dynamics (Whittaker 1903 + 1904).  The frequency band does not matter -- anything from ELF to optical to gammas and beyond. Since the CSR is just another set of longitudinal EM waves plus dynamics, every normal magnetic, electrical, or electromagnetic wave, signal, and field appears to be a vast superhighway for it to travel through or reside in.

So one is inserted into the superhighway inside the EM signals (makes no difference what bandwidth) recorded on the CD-ROM.  Optical, whatever, makes no difference. Then when you replicate the CD-ROM, you replicate all the interior stuff.  You produce another CD-ROM with another resident CSR identical to the first one. Then just communicate with that one using LWs, and have it go whever you wish.  All mass, etc. is filled with EM fields, waves, and potentials -- so the interior of mass is a vast superhighway or set of superhighways for CSRs to travel through with great ease. Tom Bearden


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This is a question for Mr. Beardon regarding the Causal System Robots
(CSRs) as defined in the glossary.  How can CSRs be created or duplicated
with CD-ROMs since they are an optical, not a magnetic media?


Michael Bates