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Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 18:49:20 -0600
From: Thomas Bearden <>

Subject: Appreciation and comments

Dear Steve,

Just found your nice work on the nano website, and I want to express my appreciation for your efforts on this important subject, making lots of information available.  I was also struck by your insight, and wish to comment on where the "templating" concept leads.

First, if we can control the electrodynamics at very tiny positions, we obviously can control the mechanical forces (or most of them), much of the chemistry, etc.  But we also can control much more than that, if we examine higher symmetry electrodynamics rather than the standard U(1) model.  The U(1) EM model is very seriously limited, even flawed in many respects.  Our work with the Alpha Foundation's Institute of Advanced Study (AIAS) has for some time been laboring on a more effective, dramatically extended electrodynamics known as O(3) gauge symmetry electrodynamics, or just O(3) for short.  This electrodynamics has been spearheaded by Dr. Myron Evans, who has over 600 papers in the refereed literature, and is the editor of several prestigious scientific volume series.

Briefly, a remarkable thing has happened to O(3) electrodynamics, and it bears directly upon the notion of templating that is being used for molecular templating in nanotechnology, but is just more advanced.  O(3) has been shown by Dr. Evans et al. to be an important subset of Dr. Mendel Sachs' unified field theory, which covers everything from the smallest state (e.g., gluons) to the entire universe in a comprehensive and unitary manner.  The union of Evans' O(3) electrodynamics and Sach's extended general relativity unified field theory offers for the first time a  breathtaking vision of being able to directly engineer spacetime curvatures in exact patterns and sets -- the ultimate templating -- by novel electrodynamic means, in the laboratory.

As you know, in general relativity there is a bidirectional interaction between spacetime curvature and mass energy, including the dynamics.  As Wheeler states it, mass-energy works on spacetime to curve it, and curvature of spacetime works on mass to change it.  This is true at any level, including in the interior of the nucleons of the atomic nuclei.

In short, in this approach (which is testable; more on that in a moment) it appears that one can directly produce exact templates of spacetime curvatures and their dynamics, that act on mass and its dynamics at any level at any fashion, once the technology develops.  I have been referring to a specific set of spacetime curvatures and their dynamics as an engine.  I refer to the precise dynamic form for the engine as a template.

Hence, just as you have experienced at a higher level in nanotechnology, one grasps that for every cellular condition there is a template, and there is an ongoing specific engine involved in dynamic interaction with that cell and every tiniest part of it, right down to the nucleons inside the atomic nuclei.

The beauty of working in a general relativity-like format is that we can work in the time domain (for energy  and curvature, electromagnetically since we are in O(3)) as well as in the 3-space domain.  So not only can we work on mass-as-it-is, but mass-as-it-has-been in the past.

In short, mass is of course compressed energy, by the factor c-squared.  Since energy can be time reversed -- e.g., in EM transverse wave form -- then it can be time reversed in another form; e.g., in mass (compressed) form.  We can do that with a variation and extension of nonlinear optical pumping, where we must now pump in the time domain rather than in the 3-spatial domain as is normally done.

As an example, if I pump a nonlinear mass -- that acts as a phase conjugate mirror -- in 3-space with normal EM waves, we can create an exact phase conjugate replica wave, including an amplified replica wave -- that travels back in 3-space precisely over the trajectory taken through 3-space by a stimulating "input" or "signal" wave.  In short, like a triode, if we input a spatial energy wave oscillation as the engine stimulus, we have inputted its 3-spatial template.  By pumping the PCM in 3-space with other spatial energy wave oscillations, we produce a time-reversed replica wave with parity reversed.  Hence we get the poorly named "distortion correction theorem", which states that the phase conjugate replica wave will progressively appear point by point back over the spatial path taken by the input signal wave.

In short, by spatial template input and spatial energy pumping, we time reverse and amplify the spatial input wave and its energy.

Similarly, though not yet in nonlinear optics, if we input a 4-space template and 4-space energy, we will produce 4-space phase conjugate reversal.

First, for the 4-template that is resident in the pumped nonlinear mass (the PCM's nonlinear mass-energy and its dynamics over any small increment of time, so that we are pumping mass-time and not mass), we produce a precise anti-template in 4-space mass-time-energy.  The result of that pumping is an amplified anti-engine that precisely returns that pumped 3-space mass back over its previous time-like trajectory.

In short, we time-reverse the pumped cell itself, and all its parts even down to the tiniest.  Time is multiply connected; each part of that cell exists in each and every moment of time simultaneously.  Thus, pumping in the time domain allows pumping the entire cellular mass energy and all its dynamics at once.

In biology, this results in what is known roughly as cellular dedifferentiation (return back to a more primitive form; actually, back to an earlier physical state or condition).  Note that Becker's bone-healing experiments clearly showed such dedifferentiation of red blood cells by having a simple electrical potential across the fracture site.  Becker also rigorously showed that, in the region where "bone" was the cellular normal, so long as the resulting cellular change (first, dedifferentiation) differed from the bone, the action of the potential continued to time-reverse whatever "delta" existed between the exact condition of the changing cells and the cells in the area.  In short, the red blood cells first dedifferentiate by shucking their hemoglobin and growing a cellular nucleus.  They they redifferentiated into the type of cells that make cartilage.  Then they redifferentiated further into the type of cells that make bone, and were then deposited as bone cells to heal the fracture.

This procedure, without clear understanding of it, is used in many hospitals today to heal otherwise intractable bone fractures.

Becker also studied the cellular regenerative system of the body, which system is an electromagnetic system but of novel electrodynamic kind.  Becker unfortunately only had the standard U(1) electrodynamics to utilize, hence was unable to finish his modeling of the regenerative system.  Specifically, he was unable to advance the specific EM mechanism that produced the cellular changes necessary to reverse cellular damage, regrow missing cells, and change cells from one form to another.  He did capture the biochemical aspects and cellular changes aspects very nicely.  Becker was nominated for a Nobel Prize several times for his epochal work.

Let me explain the Becker work, and the mechanism of the cellular regenerative system, now that we understand templates and engines.

The immune system, so necessary to fight off pathogens etc., actually heals nothing at all, not even its own damaged cells.  Of course the immune system is absolutely vital; it is like a great army that defends us against continuous and unending assaults on all fronts. We could not live without it.  Nonetheless, when it does battle and wins, and litters the battlefield with dead cells, its large cells "clean up the residue", and then it is done.  The array of damaged cells in the body in that area are restored (within its limitations) by the cellular regenerative system, NOT the immune system at all.  So how does it restore a damaged cell back to health?

Let me explain that the innocent little old "scalar electrostatic potential" is a sleeper.  In 1903, E.T. Whittaker -- one of the leading mathematical physicists of his day -- showed that even in U(1) electrodynamics the scalar potential decomposes into a harmonic series of bidirectional longitudinal EM phase conjugate wavepairs.  In 3-space (i.e., after we "detect" a wave by its interaction with charges), that is the decomposition.  But it has also omitted and altered something very vital indeed, which will take a little to explain.  Please bear with me on this.

In electrodynamics, the founders (Faraday, Maxwell, Heaviside, etc.) all universally conceived a material ether.  In short, there was not a single point in all the universe, so they thought, where mass was absent.  Hence the field was a very real and material thing to them; indeed, Maxwell modeled his electrodynamics as a pure material fluid flow theory.  In short, the incoming wave in spacetime, prior to its interaction with charges in the detector or receiving circuit, had -- in all the founders' minds -- already interacted with mass, because it was entirely a mass medium and waves in that material medium that were incoming.  That of course is totally wrong, but those "material ether fluid" equations have never been changed in classical electrodynamics today.

Maxwell died in 1879 of stomach cancer, just about the time that Heaviside began re-interpreting Maxwell's 20 quaternion equations in 20 unknowns, into a highly simplified subset of some 4 vector equations.  This modified "Maxwell-Heaviside subset" is what is taught in university today as "Maxwell's equations".  Not a single one of those equations ever appeared in any paper or book by James Clerk Maxwell!  They are Heaviside's equations.  They are also only a limited subset of Maxwell's electrodynamics.  Quaternion algebra has higher topology than even tensors, much less vectors.  So you can do a great many things in quaternion electrodynamics (or further yet, in Clifford algebra electrodynamics) than are taught in university.

But let us see now what the notion of the "material ether universal medium" did to the field concept.  It meant that the incoming "field" was absolutely a material wave oscillation.  Faraday used his lines of force as actual physical taut strings, hence disturbances in the ether before reaching the detector or antenna were "pluckings" of those taut strings.  That is where the notion of the transverse EM wave in vacuum (actually in a material ether filled with taut strings) came from. Maxwell (as he directly stated) simply captured Faraday's concepts in his (Maxwell's) mathematics.

Of course, at the time the electron, atom, nucleus, etc. had not been discovered.  "Electricity" was envisioned as a thin material fluid flowing in the wire, much like water flowing in a pipe.  For an incoming perturbation in spacetime reaching the wire, the "shaking of the electric fluid" in the wire was thought to be just an "interception" of the "shaking of the electric fluid" that was incoming.  There was no knowledge that the wire had both positive charges in nuclei, and negative charges in a Drude electron gas.  Today, we know that the Drude electrons move very, very slowly down the wire (receiving antenna) at a drift velocity (nominal case, a few inches per hour) while the actual disturbance (signal) races down the wire at light speed (perfect conductor) or near-light speed (good but real conductor).  The Drude electrons, having spin but restrained from longitudinal translation to any great degree, act as gyros and thus precess laterally.  Thus we actually measure electron precession waves and their lateral translation in the detecting wire medium.

However, the old founders considered the detection of "transverse vibrations" in the conductor as proof positive that the incoming "material fluid vibrations" that had been intercepted were also transverse "taut string" vibrations, just as Faraday and Maxwell had assumed.  That can easily be falsified today, if one considers not only the perturbation of the electrons, but the simultaneous perturbation of the positively charged atomic nuclei in a wire.  Nonetheless, since no such "opposite sign vibrations in the same wire" were known in those days or detected then, electrodynamics has never been changed to correct its erroneous model of "transverse" waves in the vacuum.

However, Whittaker's 1903 decomposition of the scalar potential reveals the importance and primacy of longitudinal EM waves.  Further, since the modern vacuum is proven to be highly energetic and thus has high energy density, its energy density constitutes a scalar potential!  Hence the Whittaker decomposition can be directly applied to the vacuum itself.  Before the imposition of fluctuations from dynamic changes engendered from afar, the "quiescent vacuum" would be a very nice scalar potential, but one of extreme energy density.  The dynamics of all source charges everywhere, however, produces myriads of changes at any instant through any finite volume element, hence the EM fluctuations or "zero point energy" of the vacuum.  In the Sachs-Evans theory, we do not have to assume random statistics!  We would say the situation is chaotic, because our knowledge of each particular change is either nonexistent or highly limited.  Nonetheless, we could take the view that there is an underlying order inside what appears to us to be "random" (no ordering information at all) changes.  This of course deals directly with the great problem of quantum mechanics: Its assumption of random change eliminates the entire observable integrated universe, because integration of randomness just yields more randomness, not macro order at all.  So QM scientists know (and a few will even admit) that there has to be hidden order and thus chaos, or else quantum mechanics is totally wrong.  However, they have not changed their statistics to an "already chaotic" statistics, except in case of something like the Bohm hidden variable theory, which does indeed yield equal and equally valid results as the Bohr interpretation.

At any rate, the quiescent background potential of the vacuum does indeed decompose into purely longitudinal EM waves.  However, let us examine a single EM longitudinal wavepair.

When a 4-space wave is detected (i.e., interacts with charged mass to provide a d/dt operator), the detection or "observation" interaction strips away time and leaves an instantaneous 3-space frozen snapshot of the 3-space intersection of what was an ongoing 4-space interaction.  As is well-known, all observation yields a 3-spatial result; time is not observable, even in theory, according to QM itself.

Well, the Maxwellians -- in assuming the material ether -- did apply that d/dt operator to the incoming wave before it interacted with the detector!  That is a nonsequitur today, of primary magnitude.  It in fact substitutes the "effect" wave as the "cause" wave, and the two actually do not even have the same dimensionality.   Much of physics (and especially electrodynamics) has wrangled over this "duality" of field theory for a few decades now, but have settled on just using the word "duality" as a smooth spin control, and thereby have not changed what is a monumental error.

The Sachs-Evans theory does indeed deal with that and correct it, since the field is conceived in 4-space from the beginning.  So the true causal field in spacetime -- which is a curvature of spacetime -- is being used, whereas in U(1) electrodynamics there is an erroneous assumption that the vibrating spatial energy moves through a flat spacetime!  As is well-known in GR, any change of the local spatial energy density of spacetime is a curvature of spacetime.  Hence U(1) electrodynamics is a model that is approached but never met by the real world and by real phenomena, such as in the human body.  In the new unified approach, the propagating EM wave is a propagating set of spacetime curvatures in exact correlation.  Thus the true "causal wave" that is 4-spatial, is used.

The body's cellular regenerative system therefore uses nature's electrodynamics, including the causal waves and 4-space curvatures.  Let us examine that Whittaker decomposition again now, in view of causal (unobserved) wave versus effect (observed) wave.

Take a single bidirectional longitudinal EM phase conjugate wavepair in "3-space".  Oops!  If it's modeled in 3-space, the assumption has already been made that it has been interacted with charged mass and therefore has been "observed" or detected.

The 3-space "real" wave is such an "observed, effect" wave, and the 3-field is even defined as the specific pattern of energy deviated from the causal 4-wave around an assumed intercepting unit point static charge.  So let us precisely state that the "real" 3-space waves in the Whittaker decomposition have a priori (by implicit assumption) are the effect waves from the causal wave interaction with the charges.

Let us use the simplest model of the dipolarity of a potential (any "potential" is just a difference between two other potentials, hence a dipolarity).  Let us use a real dipole, where we separate a positive and a negative charge by a finite amount.  Let us now use as the potential that scalar potential between the ends of the dipole.

The Whittaker decomposition of that "dipole's potential" thus assumes that the real or "effect" waves are  the emitted waves in 3-space, after the incoming causal 4-space wave and the charges in the dipole have interacted.  By applying conservation of energy, this means that the phase conjugate waves -- prior to their interaction with the charges of the dipole -- thus must be in 4-space and not 3-space, and they must be bringing in as much energy as the "real" EM longitudinal waves are radiating away.

Well, in particle physics, the dipole is known to be a broken 3-symmetry in the vacuum energy exchange with the dipole charges.  This means that the flow of energy is not necessarily conserved in 3-space, but it must be conserved in 4-space.  We can measure the actual radiation of EM "real 3-space energy" from a dipole in all directions, and we can clearly show experimentally that there is no concomitant input of EM energy into the dipole in 3-space.

Hence all the energy input to the dipole charges from 4-space, must be in the time domain.

My AIAS colleagues have already rigorously shown such "time-domain EM energy flows" as primary, in papers published in leading physics journals.  References can be furnished.

Now the incoming phase conjugate halves of the Whittaker decomposition, prior to interaction with the charges, thus is carrying EM energy in the time domain, in time-like longitudinal EM waves (such waves clearly show in the AIAS published papers).

So strangely, every dipolar element of every dipolarity (potential) represents a continuous input of EM energy from the time-domain, being absorbed by the dipole charges in the complex plane, and then being reradiated by the dipole charges in 3-space.

We have uncovered a great new automatic symmetry between 4th dimension EM energy flow and 3-space energy flow, generated automatically by the broken 3-symmetry of a simple dipole.  This energy flow continues indefinitely and freely, so long as the dipolarity remains.  Note that this is totally consistent with the findings of particle physics that the dipole is a broken 3-symmetry in the vacuum energy flux, which means that some of the absorbed virtual state (disintegrated) EM energy is integrated by the spin of the charge, and is reradiated as real, observable EM energy.  With the Whittaker U(1) approach, we find that the process uses longitudinal EM waves and is macroscopically organized.  Hence it is an unexpected process for "giant negentropy" associated with any common dipole.  My paper, "Giant Negentropy from the Common Dipole" on the DoE website,, conceptually explains all this.  In that paper, we also solved the long-vexing problem of the source charge and its associated EM fields and potentials and the enormous amount of energy that may be in those fields.  The present electrodynamics -- both quantum and classical -- implicitly assumes that every charge freely creates energy out of nothing, pouring it out continuously to make those fields and potentials.  That of course is the grossest possible violation of the conservation of energy law, where energy cannot be created or destroyed, but only changed in form.  The problem was that electrodynamicists could not solve in in 3-space energy flow, because it is a 4-spatial energy flow problem and indeed 3-space energy flow is resounding and permissibly violated.  Overall 4-space energy flow conservation, however, is rigorously conserved by the proposed solution.

Now we are equipped to understand how a cell can be pumped in the time-domain.  The cellular regenerative system uses longitudinal EM wavepairs comprising their scalar potential.  Hence the sets of causal time-like EM longitudinal EM waves are indeed pumping the cells in the time-domain.  This is why Becker's "simple" scalar potential across the intractable fracture zone could produce such revolutionary and astounding cellular mass-energy time-reversal effects, and "fast-forwarding" effects as well.

We have a breathtaking vista of extending nanotechnology and some of its concepts into this unified field area.  Note that in quantum field theory, the longitudinal EM wave and the time-polarized EM wave (at least the photons so polarized!) already exist in the theory, but heretofore no one knew how to "make" a time-polarized EM wave.  Now we know that the incoming wave halves of the common scalar potential already are time-polarized EM longitudinal waves.

Indeed, if we pump any nonlinear cellular masses with longitudinal EM waves -- such as can be emitted from a plasma -- the cells themselves produce the time-pumping from it, by simply adding the phase conjugates of the LW pump waves.

Startling and revolutionary cures, using this technology without knowledge of the actual physical mechanism -- was achieved by a team of eminent French Scientists in France in the 60s and early 70s, working with inventor Antoine Priore.  Essentially Priore mixed ordinary (transverse modeled) EM waves in a giant plasma tube surrounded by a giant coil.  The longitudinal EM waves produced by the plasma tube modified the "inner longitudinal EM waves" that in fact comprise all normal EM fields, potentials, and waves.  Whittaker showed also in 1904 that any EM field, potential, or wave can be decomposed into two scalar potential functions (scalar potentials and their impressed dynamics). That initiated what today is known as superpotential theory.   Further, in 1903 Whittaker  had already shown that each of those base scalar potentials decomposes into the bidirection EM longitudinal phase conjugate wavepairs, as we discussed.

So all EM fields and potentials and waves are just sets of longitudinal EM waves with impressed dynamics.  There is thus a totally neglected (in the West; the Russians have highly weaponized it) infolded electrodynamics inside what we are all taught, and the interior electrodynamics is more fundamental by far.  Further, it can be directly engineered.

Regarding the vacuum potential as identically spacetime, we thus have a sort of "subspace" interior of spacetime -- somewhat similar to but vastly extending the present concept of dimensions wrapped around a point.  That interior is actually a special kind of electrodynamics, using sets of longitudinal EM waves (in both the time domain and in 3-space) and their dynamics.

Further, "curvatures" or changes in spacetime are just changes in and to those internal longitudinal waves.  Control and engineer the interior electrodynamics longitudinal EM waves, and one does in fact utilize a novel but highly engineerable unified field theory capable of controlling matter at will, from the gluons and quarks in the atomic nuclei, to the molecules, to the physics and the chemistry, and to the DNA and operations of the living cell and living biological system.

Now the Priore team work can be understood.  The team demonstrated revolutionary cures of terminal tumors in laboratory animals, and cures of infectious diseases such as trypanosomiasis.  They reversed ("cleaned out") clogged arteries, thus reversing atheroscleriosis.  They also restore suppressed immune systems.

So the same concepts being utilized in nanotechnology do extend much further, into the unified field theory region.  If not only mechanics and U(1) are employed, but a higher symmetry electrodynamics such as O(3) is employed, nanotechnology will dramatically extend into a vast new and direct healing technology, where the actual mechanism utilized by the cellular regenerative system can be highly amplified and used.

The application to diseases such as AIDS is immediately apparent also.  E.g., given the development of the engine and template technology in unified field theory, electrodynamics (higher symmetry) could  be used to directly time-reverse all cells of the body -- including all the immune cells -- back to a previous healthy state, as soon as the patient tests positive for AIDS.  There would be no need to wait for the symptoms to appear.  Also, even a patient in the advanced stages of the disease could be quickly and rather inexpensively treated and cured.  Note that the DNA of the cells is also time-reversed back to an earlier stage, so the problem of the remaining small residual infected cells that escape drugs, etc. -- and progressively adapt and become more resistant -- is totally bypassed.

Obviously, rejuvenation of the aged also appears to be directly engineerable by such methods.  Just time-reverse all the cells of the body.  Normal cells just get a little younger and more vigorous.  Aged or damaged cells get normal again.  As you can see, there are very large interests that do not wish such a thing done at all.  A great deal of money is made today by treating the disabilities of the aged, to alleviate symptoms and not achieve cures at all.  Change that, and some very great financial empires ($300 million to develop and get FDA certified a single new drug!) are at serious risk.

On my website,, there is a briefing of more than 80 colored slides I submitted to the U.S. Department of Defense and many other U.S. agencies in 1998, urging a crash development program for this method of engines and templates, used by a special method, in portable equipment, for use in treating mass casualties we expect in future terrorist weapons of mass destruction attack.  The Russians, e.g., in their biowar labs modified the smallpox pathogen, so that one's vaccination is ineffective against it.  Further, there is little smallpox vaccine left these days, and the U.S. just discovered that its remaining smallpox vaccine is contaminated.  We also know that the Russian scientists in those biolabs, after the collapse of the economy, quietly became employed by other nations, many quite hostile to our own nation and to the West in general.  The implications are obvious.  The coming strikes on our large population centers are known to be planned, and this has been raised to the highest level threat against the U.S., officially.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for your very nice website, and to inform you of where the concept of template really leads.  It may be that nanotechnology, as it develops, will start to focus on the energetics of the matter, and include the spacetime curvature engine reactions that can be engineered by novel higher symmetry electrodynamics.

Very best wishes, and thanks again for all your efforts on your fine website.

Tom Bearden, Ph.D.