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Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 11:23:17 -0600



It certainly pays to be skeptical to a point, so long as one still remains open-minded.

On my website, perhaps you saw the quoted statement of SecDef Cohen, publicly confirming the weapons controlling our weather and climate, initiating volcanoes into eruption, and generating earthquakes. To my knowledge, that is the only PUBLIC confirmation by a high U.S. official to date.

Behind the scenes, many folks do know of these weapons, because some 10 nations have the scalar interferometers, and five have the most powerful weapons (quantum potential weapons and negative energy EMP weapons).

If you really wish to check out what I'm doing, then check the references for many of the incidents I report, and for which I do cite the references. You will find those references are "for real".

So our own system is not "monolithic" at all. Some parts of it know this area well, and other parts have not the foggiest notion that such things even exist.

The news media, of course, is "out of it" since they turned the corner and newsmen are now supposed to be "entertainment stars" rather than like the old guys (Cronkite and such). The U.S. news media was so caught up and panting over the juicy Lewinsky/Clinton sex scandal that they totally ignored the astonishing statement made by Secretary of Defense Cohen.

The real problem is our near-universal use of the sad and terribly flawed old electrical engineering as if it were "supreme science", for most of our intelligence analysis. The predominance of analysts are EEs to one degree or another, and so they would not and cannot recognize an energetics weapon if it hit them on the head.  Energetics is what comes AFTER you discard the hoary old electrical engineering, correct all its inane errors that have been known off and on for a century, and use a highly corrected, highly advanced higher group symmetry electrodynamics.

Try finding a single EE textbook or Prof. or department that teaches the exact assumptions in the present EE model, and then points out which ones are already falsified by physics since that horrid model was put together more than a century ago.

But you see, some very powerful interests wish that model to stay in there as the "supreme" statement of electromagnetics. That way, that power meter stays on your house and office, the gas pump meter stays on the gas pump, and the various energy cartels keep right on ripping off the world citizenry to the tune of more than a trillion dollars per year.

It isn't accidental that our own scientific leadership does not correct such a flawed model. If you wish to do well in science, you play the "accepted game" and do not really rock the boat. Just try rocking the boat (which would upset the cushy positions and incomes of those in charge) and your career will be very shortly ended or curtailed to the junk pile.

Science is already bought and paid for. It's controlled by controlling its funding, and THE KIND OF RESEARCH THAT FUNDING IS ALLOWED TO BE SPENT FOR.

It isn't your local PhD at the local university that's the problem. He's under severe pressure -- from the scientific community, from the university, etc. He has to "bid" on "packages" of money already detailing what research shall be done, and he has to win some of them to get funds for his grad students and to bring in extra money for the university (universities are SUPREMELY greedy these days!). He also has to "adhere to the general party line" mostly, if he is going to get his own papers published and those of his grad students. If he can't get his papers published, he gets unable to win any "research bid packages", and so the university will fire him if he doesn't have tenure, or just park him teaching sophomore basket weaving or something if he has tenure.

The professor is also under severe pressure from the university to get patents, to assign to the university's "research foundation" or "research organization" set up specifically to receive the royalties for the universities. Any professor not generating such patents, is on his way out or onto the junk heap.

So by controlling the funding and what it shall be spent for, U.S. technical science is largely in a cage, with the Ph.D's and doctoral candidates and post doctoral scientists being squeezed very very hard.

The Government scientists, etc. are also under the same sort of gun.

So in that atmosphere, one understands why and how the sad old electrical engineering continues. Just about EVERY CARTEL ON EARTH -- in government, science, financial, nuclear, etc. communities -- wants it kept exactly that way, as being in their own best interests.

In government research, if you really wish to do any research that is out of the ordinary, you will have to have it in a "black" program, and so highly classified no one knows it's there or what it does. That's why one has "skunk works" etc., so that one could develop stealth, etc. The actual open government labs -- such as ORNL, LANL, LLNL, NOL, NRL, etc. -- also have a very bleak history of incredibly strong suppression of anything novel within the government. Witness their terrible hounding and persecution of the pioneers of ultrawideband radar, by claiming that UWB radar was against the laws of nature, couldn't be done, etc. At the time, one could actually buy a little UWB radar on the commercial market. It was used to detect voids in deep poured concrete. Yet this huge entourage of our "prestigious" labs was like a pack of cur dogs attacking any and all pioneers. The real reason? Because it could track stealth objects, and that was a "no no" to the extraordinarily powerful stealth community at the time.

The history of science is also very dark in it persecution of scientists who do come up with novel things. Any historian of science can give a hundred flagrant examples, easily. See my book, Energy from the Vacuum, for some glaring ones.

So all this skepticism and personal slander and libel is nothing new in science. Instead, it's just business as usual, for the entourages in control and power.

Meanwhile, any element of the government that tries to just do new things openly, will either do just puerile nonthreatening stuff, or it will get busted. Doesn't matter whether we're talking about the MEG or not, or something else.

Unfortunately, in the real world that's the way the "politics" works. It's a dog eat dog world, and the big dogs who have made it up to the third level entourage (the lateral implementation level), have about 11% or so of their number that are without any ethics at all, totally immoral and self-serving, all sorts of hidden lateral connections including with Mafias and hit men, etc.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Dear Mr Bearden ,

I have spent the entire evening and a good part of the early morning reading the materials available on your web site and i have to say that I'm quite overwhelmed with fear but at the same time hope.

This device (MEG) seems to be the answer to all of our problems and it seems too good to be true, which leads me to my next question. Why have we the public not heard a shred about this device or the weapons created by the Russians through the media? Why hasn't the US government jumped all over this? Is it being "held back" for reasons unknown and why can we not yet go out and buy one of these devices? I find it all very odd and I'm still a bit skeptical.

Any response would be greatly appreciated.