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Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 02:17:24 -0600

Dear William,


I do believe deeply in a supreme creator, and privately I am a Christian, though not a dogmatic one.  My private view also tends toward the Zen concept (sometimes expressed in Christ's words also).  The problem is in using only a single statement as being "true".  Instead, once Aristotelian logic is corrected, it turns out that the only way to speak "truth" seems to be to speak two exact opposites, then wait for the realization of the truth that has now been spoken.  This was the bane of the philosophers, who sometimes spoke of it as "the accursed necessity for the identity of opposites".


This is the "Before Elias was, I am" type Christian statement in red letter words, which is pure Zen in today's terminology.  The posing of "now" as identical to "before" (no distinction between past and present), is clear. To me, that means that an unlimited creator must not just "have" existed in the past and "does" exist now, and "will" exist in the future separately.  It means that the unlimited simply exists all at once, everywhere at once, and everywhen at once.  If one's concept of a creator cannot do that, then that concept of a creator has a limit (time) and so that visualization of the creator should be discarded to find the Unlimited creator, in my view.


And so on.  To me, everything I do or think is revealed to such a creator, and there are no secrets nor can there be.  I also accept that -- from my more limited perspective -- I have to give an accounting of every action and my treatment of my fellow human. So the golden rule of "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is the essence of it all.  And by that rule, one is humbled when one sees how often one deviates from it, and errs or fails to uphold it.


On the other hand, this is my private belief and outlook, and I do not try to inflict it on others who may feel differently.  Religion is deeply personal, I think, and should be in one's heart, so long as one does not corrupt it to abuse others.  I certainly have no quarrel with others who believe differently; that is their prerogative, so long as they respect others.  When they use it to abuse and kill others, in my view that is not a matter of true religion but of abuse, murder, and law enforcement.


The sad part of history is that a great many evils have been ostensibly done in the "name of religion".  The problem is still with us.  Again, the simplest criterion is the golden rule.  Which in slightly different form does appear in many religions of the world.


Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 01:05:42 -0500

This is a question that could be considered personal and may not be suitable for your website. However, it is something that I would like to ask Dr. Bearden. If it something that you do want to post, then you are of course free to do so. BTW, I am trying to tell as many people as possible that I come across about your website, Mr. Bearden's book, scalar electromagnetics, etc.
Dear Thomas Bearden,
As I continue to read your website I realize that through the science of scalar electromagnetics that almost everything in the universe can be explained. I have also learned that our minds are not simply meat computers but our true "selves" are simply patterns of scalar fields, gradients, and forces that will always exist.
I will not pretend to fully understand the details of these theories. But they have facinated me and even though I am only in my second year of college I have decided to change my major from Biology to Physics. Your website has inspired me to do this and for that I am very grateful.
Scalar electromagnetics is basically the key to free energy, control of all the forces of nature, faster than light space travel, and perhaps even the eternal "spirit" inside us all. It is my goal to pursue an education route that will oneday allow me to truly understand the nuts and bolts of these theories.
To get to the point, my question is this:
What is your concept of God?
Personally, I am a Christian. I believe that there is one truly omnipotent being and that Jesus Christ was his son who died on the cross for all of our sins. The information on your website has helped me realize just how hugely powerful God must be. And also how much he truly loves us! He has given us literally the keys to the universe. We just have to stop KILLING each other long enough to learn to use them.
It appears in a few of your papers that God may not be an individual intelligent being but a complex of all the scalar wave patterns in the universe. Please forgive me if this is not your view. I am just wondering exactly what you believe in these areas.
I believe that God made this complex universe and that perhaps our souls are really scalar electromagnetic patterns of some kind. But that God is not "of" this universe but outside of it so to speak. I also believe he is a God that personally cares about each and every one of us and that there is an afterlife in which we specifically live with him in heaven.
You may have differing opinions. And that is fine! I am simply curious about what you believe. You are truly gifted and what you think is very significant to me. I hope I can perhaps learn something from you in this area.
Thank you for always being willing to answer my questions even though I am simply one of the "other interested people" who does not yet have the education to really start working in the field of scalar electromagnetics. But I am determined to one day get to that point. (By the way, I ordered your new book "Energy from the Vacuum" and plan to read it from cover to cover even though I do not have all the education required to totally understand the information.)
I hope that your holiday season went well and that your health is still improving.
Take care and God Bless,