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Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 01:06:24 -0600

  Dear Ramesh,

First, if you wish to understand the MEG, you must get out of electrical engineering -- which does not contain the principle by which the MEG works. Indeed, the standard EE model absolutely forbids COP1.0 EM systems taking their excess energy from the vacuum environment -- because the model assumes an inert vacuum (falsified since 1930 at least).   So I urge you to read some papers on the Aharonov-Bohm effect. Then re-read my explanation of the MEG in terms of where and how we get the extra energy to be furnished by the environment, using the AB effect which the special nanocrystalline structure gives us for free.

Once you have the AB effect in a  local area, you are confining the normal B-field in that local area. In that case, OUTSIDE that B-field confinement area, there then appears a curl-free magnetic vector potential, absolutely for free. And it is a potential, having additional potential energy.

The more flux you confine in that locality, the more field-free A-potential (and its energy) you get formed out there in the external zone. So adding a permanent magnet gives lots more B-field flux trapped in the core and localized there. This in turn dramatically increases the amount of uncurled A-potential energy outside the core, in the external space.

There is a global connection remaining between the confined B-field flux and the external field-free A-potential -- check it out in the proper physics book. So when you PERTURB the confined B-field flux inside the core, then simultaneously (and freely) you also perturb the external uncurled A-potential. That makes E-fields arising from the space outside the core, and these fields have a minus sign (the little equation is dA/dt = - E. By sharp changes, we cause large E-fields to arise in the space outside the MEG core, and RADIATE BACK INTO THE CORE, into all coils, etc.

Now that gives you LOTS of extra EM energy now ricocheting back and forth between the coils of the MEG. If you know how to adjust properly, you can tune things to where now you have MORE energy in the output of the unit than you yourself input to perturb the core. And that then is a valid COP1.0 situation and device.

That is exactly how it works, and that is exactly the effects you can measure if very careful.

Understand that there are some 20,000 peer-reviewed scientific papers in hard physics dealing with the AB effect, its generalization to the Berry phase, and its further generalization to the geometric phase. One does not have to re-prove the AB effect! It's even in Feynman's 3 volumes of sophomore physics. Have you read Feynman's explanation? Or read the original Aharonov-Bohm Paper? If not, then you cannot understand the MEG's operation; it does NOT work by simple electrical engineering. Neither does any other COP1.0 energy-from-the-vacuum EM system.

No purely electromagnetic comment on the MEG's operation is worth anything at all. If it were that simple, those sharp young grad students and post docs that are produce every year at our universities would have done it years and years ago. They didn't.

So I urge you to read up on the AB effect until you do understand it, and then use that in your thinking about the MEG, why the magnet in it, where the excess energy comes from and in what form, etc.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden


This question is for Tom Beardon.   Sir, I went through some of your documents as published by JLN and others. I don't understand your concept. I would like to suggest you as follows.   The transformer / oscillator portion consists of closed loop magnetic circuit. By keeping the permanent magnet in the loop, you defeat your original idea. Permanent magnets need air gap on the pole surface to interact with the environmental magnetic field. By shutting the pole face You made the permanent magnet a conduit / pipe for magnetic circuit. That is why you are not getting sufficient power output.   In my estimate, you must be able to extract up to about 50% of the power that is handled by permanent magnet (I don't agree the statement that permanent magnet stores the energy- It handles the Ether energy or energy from the environment. In that sense each permanent magnet is a powerhouse. an interface between human and universal energy source. Let Physics / scholars say any thing. This is my opinion).   Counting the losses you may be able to extract up to 35% leaving remaining for losses.   If you open out the central limb that contains the permanent magnet to create air gap, I am sure you will see abundant energy flowing out.   During negative cycle, your permanent magnet will experience huge repulsive force. Hence it will fly out of the limb. Find a way to weld the permanent magnet. If you have problem, Let me know, I will suggest another good alternate.   It looks to me that you are collecting energy from the leaks and not putting your source in to action.   Let me know what you think? I took a resolution to popularize FE among the public and kick out Oil usage and global pollution.   Thanks Ramesh