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Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 12:58:15 -0600

Dear Jane,

Thanks for the good words; very much appreciated.

The problem is the present classical electrodynamics (CEM) taught in university, such as in electrical engineering. That CEM model is horribly flawed, and very seriously out of date (more than a hundred years old). For example:

1. It still assumes a material ether, falsified since the 1890s. Thus is assumes force fields in space, which is totally untrue, as pointed out by many physicists such as Wheeler, Nobelist Feynman, and others. Rigorously force exists in and on mass, because mass is a component of force. In that sense, the basic mechanics taught in physics -- with a separate mass-free force acting on a mass -- is totally false in that premise.

2. It assumes a flat spacetime (falsified since 1916; given a single mass anywhere in the universe, the spacetime is curved).

3. It assumes an inert vacuum (falsified for decades by particle physics, both theoretically and experimentally).

4. It assumes that every EM field, EM potential, and joule of EM energy in the universe is and has been freely created out of nothing at all, by the associated source charge(s). This is in total violation of the conservation of energy law. So we either have to solve the source charge problem --- where does the charge get the energy it continuously pours out in all directions, establishing its fields and potentials spreading outward at light speed -- when there is no OBSERVABLE energy input to it? That epochal problem has just been purged out of the electrical engineering textbooks, so the students will not ask embarrassing questions. You see, either the charge continuously receives nonobservable VIRTUAL PHOTON energy from the vacuum, and coherently integrates it into observable size, then re-emits the energy as real, observable photons radiated in all directions -- or else the charge creates all that energy out of nothing and totally falsifies conservation of energy. We have published the solution, taken from particle physics in the discovery of broken symmetry in 1957. But energy from the vacuum is terribly resisted, because -- my goodness! If the young grad students and post docs get onto that, then that power meter will come off your house and the gas pump meter will come off your car. In that case, some of the greatest cartels in the world will have to go back to knitting. With something like a trillion dollars per year ripped off humanity in the energy field alone, obviously those "in control" of most of the financial resources of the present "energy cartels" are not going to let that happen if possible. Hence what some physicists (such as Sen) call "the most difficult problem in electrodynamics" is not even mentioned in the electrical engineering texts, nor are the tremendous foundations  errors in that electrical engineering model pointed out to the students.

5. The fact that all the "normal" EM fields and potentials decompose into -- and thus are comprised of, and identically are -- harmonic sets of bidirectional longitudinal EM waves with differential functions impressed -- is not mentioned (Whittaker showed that in 1903 and 1904; his 1904 paper initiated "superpotential theory" but the 1903 paper was almost entirely and resoundingly ignored). In short, there is a far more fundamental longitudinal EM wave electrodynamics, which MAKES all the rest anyway, but it is not allowed to be investigated in the doctoral theses and post doctoral studies. It has, however, been highly weaponized by some 10 nations of the world, and the weather over our very heads has been engineered that way since July 4, 1976 -- our "bicentennial gift" from the KGB.

6.  In CEM, most everything deals with 3-space (i.e., after observation and d/dt operators have been applied to the real phenomena in 4-space). Time thus is just assumed to be a "river" on which we helplessly float. That's false. Rate of passage of time -- and even its reversal -- can be engineered, as well as 3-space stuff. In quantum field theory, e.g., there is a time-polarized (scalar) photon, where the energy (compressed into what we call "time") is oscillating over on the time axis. There is also a longitudinal photon whose energy in 3-space oscillates along the direction of travel, like an accordion being squeezed to and fro (Tesla's compression and rarefaction wave). Neither the scalar photon nor the longitudinal photon are individually observable, but the pairing of the two is observable as the instantaneous scalar potential. So common old "voltage" is quite a bit more strange and exotic than the electrical engineers even suspect in their wildest nightmares. Now one can understand Becker's "voltage" across the intractable bone fractures having the capability (looked at with an eye for optical phase conjugation) of "pumping" the entering red cells in the time domain as well as in 3-space. In short, he showed that the red cell IS CHANGED BACK TO AN EARLY FORM (dedifferentiation in the lexicon of the biologist, time reversal in the language of physics). So it shucks the hemoglobin and grows a cellular nucleus. Then that cell, continuing to be pumped, is redifferentiated, and turns into the kind of cell that makes cartilage. Then THAT cell (or blast) further differentiates into the type of cell that makes bone. It is deposited, and with enough such "forced creation of bone cells and their deposit", the otherwise intractable bone fracture heals. Electrical engineering and CEM cannot model that, but higher group symmetry electrodynamics can do it.    Thus, because of the terrible flaws in electrical engineering and the ubiquitous use of that silly model in medicine, we have the ridiculous situation where the healing system of the body -- which is the cellular regeneration system, and NOT the immune system -- is not even properly studied. It's an electrical system, (zounds! the body already uses "crazy electromagnetics" to do all its cellular healing!), but the medical folk will not use the type of electrodynamics necessary to model it and fit the model to experiments. Therefore we continue to support the big drug companies, etc. and almost totally ignore the real healing process and how it works -- and how to engineer it as Becker showed and Priore showed, etc.

Hope that sheds some light on why the key to so many new kinds of science and healing is solidly blocked by the nearly slavish attachment of our universities to the standard and terribly flawed electrical engineering.

The place to put the blame is on the leaders: The National Academy of Sciences, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, etc.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

 Dear Sir,  

I've read your site with some high degree of interest.  I'd deduced myself that mind must be pattern created from the movement of quantum particles over time, but hadn't realized how far the research had progressed in the field.  I've recently began a study of quantum theory and will certainly be looking deeply into your work.  

Your paper on `Mind Control and EM Wave Polarization Transductions' ties in beautifully with Becker's observations that matter after `healing' has less mass - instead of the expected increase in mass.  I hope you will not mind if I get back to you in my course of study to ask you some questions about your papers?  ie - would a Faraday cage be off any use in shielding yourself from the effects of equipment built to duplicate time polarized EM waves?  We have a rather large sub-woofer in the house which we could remove the limiter from - and were thinking about building some experimental apparatus for use with it along the lines of Becker and co., but it looks from your paper as if we'll have more to take into consideration than accidentally hitting the fundamental frequencies of our house, our eyeballs etc..  Thanks for putting your site up:)