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Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 23:40:25 -0600

Dear Jon,

I have not studied the device you are speaking of, and cannot give any advice on it one way or the other.

Both John and I steer clear of other people's medical devices.  You will note I hang in there with the Priore device and technique, because it was used by proper scientists, under proper procedures, with thousands of lab animal experiments, all of which is well-documented in the French scientific literature.

First, neither John nor I are licensed medical practitioners, and we do not practice medicine or advise others on such practice. For that, we just have to refer anyone inquiring to a properly licensed medical doctor or other proper legal practitioner.  Even when I discuss research, I fully subscribe to the proper procedures for legal approval being used before treatment of humans by legally licensed medical practitioners.

Since I was "gamed" for almost two years in attempts to set me up for prosecution in just this area, I'm extremely wary of anyone seeking "medical machine advice" for any reason whatever.  Some "set-ups" have been so insistent that one has to simply tell a phone caller in no uncertain terms that one will not go to jail for the caller, and then hang up on him or her.

So while most inquiries are perfectly innocent on the part of the inquirer, 10% are not, or --- if one is being gamed --- 50% are not genuine but are stings.  Also, the groups that wish to entrap a researcher this way will often use an innocent person as what is called an "agent of influence" --- a person with a predictable response that serves the purpose of the gamer, even though that person is not an agent and does not work for the gamer. These devils have no remorse in calling, say, an unfortunate woman whose beloved sister is dying of cancer and already irradiated nearly to death, with the cancer spread all over her body.  They will show great sympathy and interest in her welfare, and urge her to contact me (or John, or some other researcher targeted), telling her in glowing terms that we are miracle workers and can save her sister (at that stage, nothing short of a miracle could do so), etc.  The lady in great grief, pain, and desperation then calls you, all quite innocently on her part.  She is not an agent at all, but is being manipulated by the gamers as an agent of influence.  With phone taps and recordings made of all one's phone conservations, all one has to do is feel humanly sorry (who in his right mind would NOT be deeply moved by such tragedy!) and give a recommendation to that poor unfortunate caller whose sister is so stricken, recommending some  treatment by some particular machine.  So the gamers then have you.  They will gleefully arrange for that machine or a "replica" to be built and furnished to the grieving lady, and used on that poor stricken woman dying of cancer.  She will still die, of course, but with the tape recordings of the researcher's recommendation, he's then arrested and sudden confronted with criminal charges of manslaughter or murder.  The jury will hear a tale of how this diabolical researcher actually recommended a grotesque use of painful electricity or shocks or some such on the poor dying woman, further increasing her pain and misery and probably contributing substantially to her death.  Any jury with compassion will probably convict "that dastardly researcher" then and there. So he winds up behind bars for 20 years, wondering how in the dickens he got there and what happened to him!

For that reason, neither John nor I will give any medical advice to anyone, for use of any machine, etc.  That's strictly between them and their doctor or other legally licensed professional.  Note that I will carefully discuss MEDICAL RESEARCH under proper auspices, using such machines, and usually animal research at that.  But I even have a very legal document drawn up by a lawyer that I send anyone insisting on such medical advice.  In this case, an ounce of prevention is worth a hundred tons of later remorse.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden


Thanks for the reply, doesn't matter about the time frame. I thought the same thing (they need to know about advanced EM theory) when I saw the article.         

I have a quick question: a friend is considering getting one of the Beamray (formerly Bioray) Rife-like devices. Do you have any knowledge or opinion on this machine? From your correspondence section, I could tell that you don't follow such devices extremely closely, but if you just happen to know anything about this machine in particular, it would be helpful.         

I read your response to another correspondent that Bedini was the best authority you knew on Rife technology. Would John be open to answering this question?         

Hope all continues to go well for you healthwise.