The Tom Bearden



From: "Tom Bearden" 

Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 10:50:27 -0600
Dear Don,
It seems there is no permanent death anyway.  In one sense, the so-called physical universe itself is already the very kind of "computer" system you describe, where nothing is ever destroyed.  The internal EM structuring of every field and potential continues.  So in a strange sense, your system seems to have already been employed by the universe/creator.
Tom Bearden

From: "Donald P *****" 

Subject: To Tom Bearden
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 01:20:55 -0800

Dear Tom.  

Don ****  here 74 year old retired professor of Electronics and Computers at ***** University, Columbus OH  30 years.  I am a nut on Virtual Immortality and because of that sympathize greatly with some of the thoughts and feelings you have expressed.  In a totally non-religious vein, you don't have to die (in a sense).  Consider a computer program designed to allow text (any significant body of text) to CONVERSE with you.  You make statements or ask questions and the program consults the text and comes up with a reasonable response.  Now let this text be your Memoirs and for kicks let the program put your picture on the screen and use your voice to "read" the text.  Voila! We have a workable replica (or perhaps a "reincarnation" of you. The better your memoirs the better the replica.  Over time the advances in computers and programming will improve your replica until we eventually achieve the Turing criterion and even your mother would not be able to distinguish between the real you and your replica.  With some effort we will be able to "resurrect" your parents and all your ancestors that left even a slight record to work with.  What have we got to lose in working on this idea?