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Subject: RE: Satellite image if scalar grid on clouds
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 11:16:53 -0600

Dear Aaron,


Let me highly complement you on your research and your persistence.  I would encourage you to start thinking about possibly publishing a book of your findings; such would, I think, be very valuable to researchers.


Just now I'm physically limited by moderate to severe hypoxia, on a limited schedule, and just physically unable to take on any new projects.  Were I younger and in better shape, I would welcome collaborating with you on such a book, etc.


If you decide to do such a publication, I will take the time to give you a little write-up on weather engineering, with the reference to an AIAS paper in a journal which gives the technical basis for the mechanisms being used.  Basically the weather engineers use scalar or longitudinal EM wave interferometry, since longitudinal waves travel right through matter, such as the intervening ocean or earth, with little reaction and little attenuation.  This type of interferometry produces EM fields and energy in the distant interference zone.  Either positive (scattering, or heat) energy or negative (converging, or cooling) energy can be produced at will.  So the weather engineers can arrange where they heat the air, expanding it to produce a low pressure footprint on the ground, and where they cool the air, contracting it to produce a high pressure footprint on the ground.  By making and steering these "highs" and "lows" that are artificially created over on the other side of the earth in the target area, they can then deviate and steer the jetstreams at will.  In turn, this allows steering and controlling the weather.


SecDef Cohen confirmed that such weather engineering is being done, in a speech in 1997 in Georgia.  Direct quote can be furnished.  The same thing, he stated, is also being used to stimulate earthquakes and stimulate volcanoes into eruption.  To stimulate a quake, the interference zone is just focused in a handy fault zone, and thereby EM energy is steadily deposited in the piezoelectric rocks.  In turn, that slightly expands the rocks and steadily builds up the mechanical pressure there on the fault zone.  If the pressure is slowly built up, the friction remains essentially static friction, which is high.  When the rocks finally "slip" to give a quake, it will be a big one (even 9 or 9.5).  On the other hand, if the pressure is more rapidly increased, some of the little parts do little slippages along the way, giving presaging little temblors.  Now much of the friction becomes dynamic, which is less.  So that fault will make its major slip (produce a quake) of lesser magnitude.  Makes a good 3.0 to 5.0 quake, etc.  By adjusting, and with a little previous testing, they can decide just about which magnitude of quake is to be made.


If there are no convenient fault zones, then they can just pick a zone in the rocks in the desired locale, build up the energy rapidly, and start getting shakes and rattles and cracking.  Then these cracks are used as "smaller' fault zones, for the other process, etc.


You can easily see how the same techniques can be applied to a volcano -- which down underneath is "sleeping" but active anyway.  Fairly straightforward to stimulate an eruption.  Crack a few rocks in the right place, e.g.


Anyway, my sincere congratulations and appreciation to you on your research.  Please keep it up.


Best wishes,


Tom Bearden

Subject: Satellite image if scalar grid on clouds
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 04:49:58 +0000

I am hoping to reach Tom Bearden at this address, however I could not find a direct email address listed as such.  Attached is an image of clouds from the GOES-10 imager, visible channel over the eastern US.  I have a full 36 MB TIFF image of the entire east coast in high resolution from which this portion was taken if you would like a copy.  This pattern could be found globally during the time period that this was taken, however it manifests itself clearly in the north east region of the US.

I am extremely interested in this type of occurrence and have hundreds of images clearly depicting similar phenomena, especially global wide hexagonal structures and right angle transformation functions applied to the weather. 
If you would like to converse on the matter further, I am in need of some sort of guidance or information as I have researched solo with little input of information especially regarding the hexagonal patterns that are absolutely impossible to occur naturally, planet wide at the same time (also switching to square systems, globally at the same time).  Thank you for your time.