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Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003 21:34:07 -0600

Dear Mr. C****,

At Magnetic Energy Ltd., holder of the MEG rights, we do not have a schedule of commercial availability of the MEG.

The MEG is presently just a successful little lab experiment, and it will require very substantial and difficult (and expensive) research to scale it up stably to the sizes (10 to 15 Kilowatts) necessary to power homes, etc. Four disciplines in physics are involved, and the operation of the unit cannot be described in normal electrodynamics. Instead, a higher group symmetry electrodynamics is required.  Presently there are no electromagnetic models in existence for overunity EM power systems; we shall have to produce such a model at some length and engineering difficulty.

Our present efforts are devoted to seeking a financial partner to provide the required $9 million or so required.  When the necessary research and development funding is obtained, we will then set up a major laboratory and laboratory team to do the final development, stabilization, control, etc. to develop a full-up prototype power unit ready for final production engineering.  That prototype development process will require from 1 year to 18 months from the time we get the laboratory in operation.

A major problem is the nearly universal opposition of the scientific community to the very notion of overunity EM power systems.  Hence we also are exerting great effort to produce the necessary high quality scientific papers on this subject, and publish them in leading journals, thereby slowly overcoming this erroneous objection.  Working with the AIAS (Alpha Foundation's Institute for Advanced Study, of which I am a Fellow Emeritus), the AIAS theoreticians have successfully prepared and published about 20 papers dealing with extracting EM energy from the vacuum.  These are published in leading physics journals such as Foundations of Physics Letters, Physica Scripta, etc.  The AIAS (15 scientists as the authors) also have published two highly technical papers in Foundations of Physics Letters, dealing with how the MEG or similar systems take the energy from the vacuum.  My own paper on the source dipole and how it creates its associated EM fields and potentials, published in Russia and in the U.S., details the fundamental mechanism by which unlimited EM energy can be extracted freely from the vacuum.  The problem is not in getting the energy to flow from the vacuum; that is easy and almost trivial, in flat contradiction to conventional scientific opinion.  The problem is in then building a special circuit to intercept the energy flow, collect it, and dissipate it in loads without killing the extracting mechanism.  The mechanism for that, in overunity systems, differs sharply from the mechanism used in conventional underunity power systems.

Since much of the scientific objections are based on thermodynamics, I have been involved in arduous research in forefront thermodynamics now for several months.  I have successfully put together the proof that thermodynamics permits such systems, and also have uncovered experimental examples and some new theoretical thermodynamics models that prove it.  We have corrected the second law of thermodynamics in the process; the second law has always been an oxymoron pre-assuming that its own contradiction has first occurred.  The new statement is consistent with all experiments and with overunity EM systems, and removes the oxymoron nature of the present law.  We are working hard on a paper in that respect now, and hope to get it well-published when finished.

With our new book, Energy from the Vacuum: Concepts and Principles, we also believe we have turned loose the sharp young graduate students and post doctoral scientists to do legitimate research in the overunity power system area.

So if we are unable to get it done on our watch, the young scientists will do so in the future because we are seeing that they have access to the knowledge required. Eventually we will see such overunity power systems  -- either the MEG or others --- powering civilization electrically.

You will note we do not sell stock or hustle the public, and we will not do so until we have a fully developed prototype suitable for powering homes etc., ready to go into mass production.  Except for a very small amount, all the funding of our research to date has been funded out of the pockets of the five of us for the last 8 years or so.  We cannot personally afford the costs of the required finishing research, so we seek one major financial partner in a joint risk venture, which will enable us to complete the project.  Presently we are in negotiations with several potential funding groups; we will just have to see what results can be obtained.  We also have scientists at a well-known Scottish university working independently with us, and checking our results and approaches.

Thanks for your interest and very best wishes,

Tom Bearden, Ph.D.