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Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 22:05:32 -0500


 You realize I'm also quite limited in what I can discuss.

 All I can say about this present war, along the veins you mentioned, is that there are three tiers, the bottom of which is the war on terrorism and their sponsoring host nations.

 Realize that a nation is not necessarily a monolith, particularly one with an elite ruling class, such as China and Russia.  One part can be sincere and helpful, even in the war on the terrorists, and the other part may actually be sneaking supplies and weapons to help the terrorists, etc.

 The top tier is secret maneuvering by those controlling cliques in such nations possessing the great superweapons, and scheming to "bleed the U.S. dragon" to the point where it will be safe to strike and destroy it.

 So you have the bottom tier, which is the war we have declared, and you have the middle tier, consisting of China and Russia and others, and you have the upper tier consisting of cliques in China, Russia, and other nations as well.

 When you account all of it, it is really WW III, and we are going to take some very heavy casualties -- more than we have taken in all the wars in our previous history.

 Best wishes,

 Tom Bearden

Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 21:35:12 EDT
Subject: WTC/Israel

Tom, I have written to you before and found your answers startling, but believable.  The recent WTC attack, and the instant "global" enemy, bin Laden, is all too convenient.  I understand Israel may be our only friendly country with EM weapons.  Is that the only restraint from Soviet attack?  I believe the Soviets are behind bin Laden.  I also feel that some individuals had prior knowledge of the attack, but let it happen since it would further their own agenda--more government.  These people are often in Israel's backyard.  Why can't Israel take care of business?  Has anyone in the US Military woke up to the EM situation?

On prior letters you mentioned the UFO situation, and it was, "too dangerous to talk about".  Some of the letters in the correspondence section of your website indicate that so called UFO's are often visual EM displays.  How can an individual get to the truth?  Any new developments in this area?