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Subject: Labs seek clues after 3,000 birds die in Arkansas
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2011 12:49:07 -0600

(Slightly edited)

Hi Tony,

Actually it's probably unintentional precursor engineering.

The normal environment now is filled with EM pulses, sound pulses, etc. Simply consider, e.g., all the car and truck engines running etc., with all those spark plugs flying. And then add all the rest of the "tremendous pulse environment".

All that is of course random coupling with some deterministic individual pulsing areas. Ha! That's continually producing PATTERNS of Dirac sea vacuum pulsing, and thus modified vacuum "creation structures" (precursor structures) into everything, since anything and everything is being continually created from its active virtual state vacuum (a "static physical thing" is instead like a "static" waterfallcontinually being created and destroyed by the active patterning and flow and interaction of its constituent water molecules).

Well, randomly certain patterns will form—some much more likely than others. But hit just the right patterning in the air (sky) in an area, and boom! a flock of birds going through will be killed and fall out of the sky.

Or a particular brand of automobile with increased solid state controls and "helpful intervention" in driving and steering will suddenly have a acceleration output appear in it, and just "of itself" just suddenly accelerate. Yet when recall is applied and the autos are examined in the lab without that "altered Dirac sea vacuum tickling" environment, their precursor creations remain the same and so the effect is not detected in the lab. (It would require ALSO reproducing the causative local vacuum tickling patterning by Dirac sea vacuum pulsing of the lab environment).

There are thousands (even trillions) of other aspects of precursor engineering, which is in fact the final goal of physics itself—to be able to easily and directly engineer physical reality at will.

So far, we can now explain such things as:

(1) miracle workers such as are in the Old Testament—we don't have many today because for about 200 years there has been an organized, secret, world wide Control effort to find them and kill them, regardless of cost. My own rather astounding experience beside Doyle Noyes in Kansas City, Missouri totally confirmed what a true miracle worker (born with deviant EXTRA ability to control the PATTERNING of the spikings of his body's nerve dendrite endings). At high noon Doyle turned the clear, cloudless sky as dark as darkest midnight, formed huge boiling clouds with tremendous lightning bolts and torrential rain, right out of nowhere since no weather had been moving in at all). I also was beside him as he destroyed more than a dozen cars with riders carrying machine guns under their coat and speeding at him to kill him). They did succeed in killing Doyle about a couple years later.

(2) Jack Houck's astounding success in several hundred metal-bending classes, wherein he was able to achieve metal-bending by more than 80% of his attendees;

(3) The tiny little jellyfish that circa 1990 became immortal against death by aging; it's totally proven and accepted in biology now, but they have not a hint as to the actual causative mechanism;

(4) How Brooke Greenberg's little odd body is able to "unhappen" and cure invasive diseases,

(5) The proven Kanzius cancer process (which uses Dirac sea vacuum tickling and thus precursor engineering) is able to simply "unhappen" the cancer by adding NEGATIVE energy from the vacuum to the precursors creating the POSITIVE mass-energy of the cancer, so that it just "slowly vanishes away". In the Phase one animal experiments completed several months ago, astounding results were achieved: 100% (that's right! ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!) of all the terminal tumors in the lab animals were cured (yep; they simply faded gradually away as they "unhappened").

(6) Why they viciously tore negative energy out of Dirac's theory, in 1934 (only one year after he and Schrödinger were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize), and why a severely threatened Dirac kept his mouth shut for the rest of his life. Today, there is finally a strong movement (headed by Dr. Daniel Solomon and his colleagues) to remove that ARBITRARY mutilation of Dirac's theory by deliberately removing its negative energy.

This is why in the coming months etc. my main effort will be to write a book or booklet on Precursor Engineering: The Direct Engineering of Physical Reality Itself.

Note that Bedini has been using negative energy on the bench for about 35 years! So it can definitely be used, and it can definitely produce results. Its patterning use allows the cure of any disease or malcondition of the body, producing any kind of material matter (remember how Christ fed the multitude starting with only a few fish?) etc. Kanzius's cancer process is already a working example, as is his watergas process—tested rigorously by one of the great water chemists and proven conclusively to work, although neither Kanzius nor the chemist knew the actual mechanism being used.

Hope you and Pat and family had a very nice Happy New Year! and that 2011 will be a great year for us all.



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Subject: Labs seek clues after 3,000 birds die in Arkansas

Something scalar one suspects!