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Sent: Monday, January 03, 2005 12:33 PM

Subject: RE: Tsunami; man-eventuated?

Hi Jack,

Yes, the induction of those tsunamis was very probably accomplished by the Yakuza, with their scalar interferometry (longitudinal EM wave interferometers). They have been engineering our weather etc. over North America, intensively, since early 1990 -- having leased huge scalar interferometers from the Russians, on site in Russia, at the end of 1989. The down payment was $900 million in gold bullion, and the lease was apparently on the order of $1 billion per year. Their weather, quake, and climate engineering operations since then have been directly under supervision and coordination of the FSB/KGB, specifically the old die-hard Communist faction which is the real power in Russia. That faction always kept the Russian superweapons under their own control and operation; those weapons were never passed into the hands of the regular Russian armed forces, but remained in the hands of the die-hard KGB communists who still intend to totally destroy us. Note that Putin comes from the younger faction of the KGB. That faction would like to reach an accommodation with the U.S., become our trusted cheap oil supplier, and pump lots of Western money into the hurting economy of Russia. The old die-hard Communist faction will not permit that, and has in fact forced Putin now to seize the oil under state control or contrived control, make a deal with China with respect to Russian oil, and also to resume much more authority over the Russian people in preparation for this phase of the war now entered.

In 1997, SecDef Cohen (who was well-briefed on these longitudinal EM wave weapons) made this statement publicly:

"Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that's why this is so important."

[Secretary of Defense William Cohen at an April 1997 counterterrorism conference sponsored by former Senator Sam Nunn. Quoted from DoD News Briefing, Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, Q&A at the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy, University of Georgia, Athens, Apr. 28, 1997].

So, yes, the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo teams were the "terrorists" that Cohen was referring to, and the strategic large scalar interferometers (in operation in Russia since 1963) were the "electromagnetic" weapons he was referring to.

After Cohen left office, the entourage (third level managers who do the actual implementation for all large and powerful organizations -- with 9% of that third level entourage being absolutely without morals or scruples, power-mad and greedy, etc.) appear to have once again hidden the overt knowledge of such weapons -- although 10 nations of the world now have them.

At any rate, our leaders once again do not seem to be adequately briefed on asymmetric war and on the Russian energetics superweapons. Once the superweapons (quantum potential weapons, negative energy EMP weapons, scalar interferometers, bioenergetic weapons, and psychoenergetic weapons) are accounted, and some have passed in the hands of the "terrorists" such as the Yakuza, then our conventional theory of asymmetric war suddenly becomes the theory of asymmetric strategic superwar, since the terrorists now can achieve a one-shot knockout capability against the U.S.

In asymmetric war, there are two main phases: (1) a decades-long Insertion Phase, when weapons and teams are steadily inserted into the targeted population and nation during "peacetime" and in the absence of overt hostile operations other than incidents, and (2) once sufficient insertion in "peacetime" is completed, the Operations Phase begins by simply starting to unleash those weapons against the populace, infrastructure, etc. and efficiently destroying them in short order.

Years ago, the old Soviet Union inserted nuclear weapons into all our major cities and population centers, along with Spetznaz teams to detonate them. They are still here. The Soviets would have destroyed us with those weapons in the latter 1970s, except that Israel also inserted nuclear weapons -- including actual thermonuclear weapons -- inside Russian cities and main target areas as well. Since the Russians are rational and are "chess players", they will not knowingly commit suicide as do the suicide bombers. This "mutual assured destruction" could and did cause a Mexican standoff between the Soviet Union and the West. Of course the MAD doctrine will not work against the militant fundamentalist Muslims, who will indeed not hesitate to commit suicide, if by doing so they can destroy the West (the U.S.).

Over the years, anyone who wished to have some of the highest grade anthrax ever produced (by the Russians), could easily get it from "Voz" Island where the Russians dumped hundreds of tons of such agents, nuclear materials, etc. Along with many other things. And those who wanted such things for asymmetric warfare did go and get them there. High grade anthrax, smallpox (modified Soviet version, so present vaccines are ineffective), etc. are all in here, already inserted into the U.S. and being held waiting.

Among the 15 million or so illegal aliens that came into the U.S. across our borders over the years were some 10 thousand specially-trained guerrillas of Fidel Castro. He was training them in special training camps set up and operated in Southern Mexico, then infiltrating the output across the U.S. border. One estimates that half may have defected for the "good American life", but some 5,000 hard core Castro terrorists are still in here, and just waiting for the order to move in acts of sabotage against critical elements of our infrastructure.

When the old Soviet Union's economy collapsed, eventually the Soviet empire fell apart. For years, the Soviet remnants could not pay their Generals and soldiers. Faced with starvation of themselves and their families, the military simply took whatever was in their possession that was of value and marketable, and sold it on the black market. Including nuclear weapons and even -- in one case that Lunev mentions in his book -- a Russian nuclear submarine complete with an Admiral and crew to run it. Fortunately he was intercepted and imprisoned before he could insert that nuclear submarine into the world dope trade.

Lunev also gives a few (there are others) of the ways that the Russians used to insert the nuclear weapons all over the U.S. in our major population centers. Anyone could insert just about anything in the standard shipping containers, and the U.S. trucking industry would load the container on their trucks and deliver it onsite to the waiting terrorists (i.e., "businessmen"). The reliability was 98%. So insertion was relatively easy, because only about 1% of the containers were being examined anywhere. Most are still not checked.

Also, when eventually Russia pulled back her nuclear tipped missiles from the Ukraine, more than 200 of those deployed Soviet nuclear warheads did not make it back to Russia, but came up "missing". They were not "missing"; they were stolen and sold on the black market by the Generals and the soldiers, to prevent themselves and their families from starving.

So more than 200 nuclear weapons passed into other hands, from that one incident alone. The Al Qaeda already has quietly informed the Arab world that it has some nuclear weapons -- some of 200 KT -- already inserted in U.S. cities. The number is probably at least about 15, and it may be slowly increasing.

About 100 suitcase nuclear weapons also came up missing, etc. Bin Laden bought 20 of them, with appropriate technicians also.

Bin Laden did buy some other nukes as well. So did some other hostile nations and groups. It is almost certain that the Yakuza also purchased a few.

The Yakuza also has inserted portable versions of negative energy EMP weapons into the U.S., which can be used at a distance and carried in the back of an SUV. These are to be used against such targets as refineries, nuclear power plants, coal and gas fired plants, hydroelectric plants, etc. In one quick high powered negative energy EMP pulse, the electronic controls -- particularly all the solid state stuff -- is destroyed. Now consider the effect on a major infrastructure target, and the strategic nature of the threat is immediately realized. If the pulse width is made just a little wider, then the human operators in the targeted buildings and facilities are also instantly killed, falling like limp rags and never having even a nerve cell fire thereafter.

Three 200-KT nuclear weapons -- detonated in the dirt and dirty, say, in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles areas -- will wreak havoc on major population and industrial areas of the U.S. Such as that is going to happen, at least 3 to 5 of them will probably be successfully detonated. If the FSB/KGB donates a few of their own inserted nuclear weapons on site in the U.S., a dozen such nuclear explosions in our large cities could easily occur. These are CAPABILITIES right now.

In a study done for Congress, it was shown that a single two-place Cessna or Piper Cub aircraft, with two terrorists aboard -- one flying and one spraying anthrax spores out the side -- on a calm night over Washington, D.C., and with 100 kilograms of anthrax spores being sprayed out with a common agricultural hand sprayer available from Home Depot or K-mart, will produce from one to three million casualties. When breathed in, the anthrax is deadly lethal; once symptoms emerge, essentially treatment is useless. So almost all these 1 to 3 million casualties will fall into Triage class four (Black) category. They will not even be treated, but just set aside and allowed to die.

Now comes a sad part. With the populated area contaminated by anthrax spores, decontamination will be necessary and time is of the essence; else it will be spread all over and many more millions will die. There are harsh sprays that will kill the anthrax spores, etc. So the entire area will have to be sprayed several times, to insure sufficient decontamination. Each spraying may kill and additional 40,000 Americans -- those with lung and breathing disorders, little babies who do not yet have strong immune systems, old people, mothers, feeble persons in hospitals and nursing homes, etc. The very part of our population that a soldier would give his life to defend. So we may be forced to kill an additional 120,000 or so of our own people, in a heart wrenching decision that will have to be made by the President himself.

With scalar interferometry techniques honed for decades in the microwave radiation of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow (responsible for the deaths of three ambassadors, and countless health changes and disease inductions), there is a technique available where the immune systems of a targeted populace can be "tricked" (ahead of the actual BW pathogen attack) into erroneously detecting they are being attacked by, say, two dozen pathogens at once. This causes each immune system to spread all its finite resources along two dozen possibilities, so that any additional possibility can have little or no immune system resources marshaled against it. Hence the "normal" immune systems have little capability left at all, to resist opportunistic infections. Therefore, every opportunistic pathogen in that environment has a field day in the populace with "spread immune systems". The human targets simply can now no longer resist disease attack, even though the immune systems are still "normal" and not "damaged" at all. They are just "disoriented" and spread. This is the mechanism that was used to generate the Gulf War Disease in many of our veterans in the first Gulf War. Since our intelligence analysts and our scientists still use and uphold electrical engineering -- which incorporates very little physics -- they have never (even to this day) comprehended the actual disease-induction mechanisms used against the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. And they never have comprehended the Gulf War disease, and will not because they so stoutly and stubbornly cling to the horribly antiquated, obsolete, and terribly outdated hoary old electrical engineering model. That beast still assumes the old luminiferous material ether, which was falsified in 1887 -- more than a century ago! NONE of the equations were ever changed to rid them of that material ether wired into them by the old guys. The model still assumes a flat spacetime (falsified since 1916) and an inert vacuum (falsified since at least 1930). It assumes that every EM field, EM potential, and joule of EM energy in the universe is and has been freely created by the associated source charges, right out of nothing at all -- in total violation of the conservation of energy law. It has never calculated the actual E-field in space, e.g., but only the resulting force E-field created in charged static matter by the INTERACTION of that actual E-field. Even then, it only calculates the point intensity of that ongoing interaction with static charged matter. There is not now, and there never has been, a single electrical engineering department, professor, or textbook that actually calculates an E-field in space, although all purport to do so.

And that piece of highly antiquated and erroneous science is still taught and upheld at all universities, and by the NAS, NAE, NSF, DoE, national labs, NIH, CDC, etc. Borrowing a phrase from Tesla, it is "one of the most inexplicable aberrations of the scientific mind that has ever been recorded in history". But it guarantees that our electrical engineers are unable to build circuits that actually use the tremendous, free energy flows from all the source charges in every circuit, where all that energy flow has been and is being freely extracted from the local seething vacuum by the source charges. That way, the cartels keep that power meter on our houses, the gas pump meter on the gas pumps, and pollute and destroy the biosphere while reaping trillions of energy dollars world wide, and continuing the suppression of impoverished, suffering people worldwide.

Here's how straightforward it can be to do "free energy". Simply increase the voltage (scalar potential) of a circuit while simultaneously preventing any current from flowing. That immediately and freely changes the entire collected potential energy of that circuit, without any work except for a tiny bit of switching. The energy change can be made enormous, from any given potential V as much energy W as desired can be collected freely by charges q, by the silly little standard equation W = Vq. Given sufficient collecting charge, a 12 volt battery can freely furnish enough energy to power New York City, in theory. Then, once the "pinned" circuit (no current) is freely potentialized, simply disconnect the "external" source of potential so that it is no longer connected to the circuit as a load whenever current flows. Recomplete that opened circuit with a diode and a resistor, so current can only circulate in one direction. You have not depleted the external source at all, since it furnished no current but only potential (voltage). That is known as "regauging" (actually it is asymmetrical regauging) and is guaranteed work -free by the standard gauge freedom axiom of quantum field theory.

Now with the source of potential not degraded and now disconnected, allow current to flow. That circuit will freely discharge (dissipate) that freely collected energy in its losses and loads. In short, it will deliver some free power to the load -- or to a capacitor to charge it up for free.

Now reiterate the cycle. When the capacitors are charged, switch them away to power a load normally, while continuing to charge another bank of capacitors. Keep doing this exchange by switching, so that the system freely charges batteries that subsequently freely power the loads.

Any electrical engineering department that cannot work out and build that type of system needs to go study physics and quit teaching. Turn a few sharp young grad students and post docs loose on it, and they can build it and adjust it without much trouble.

EM energy occurs in steady, free flows of real EM energy flowing continuously from every dipole and every charge. Every EM field and potential is already a set of such flows, and that has been proven for a century. That we have not learned how to just intercept some of this free energy flow that costs so little (a little switching and control, but a head cleared of the inane Lorentz symmetry and Lorentz invariance that our scientists worship and insist on), and use it without destroying the source dipole or the source charge, is inexplicable.

But with the prevailing CEM/EE model continually forced upon our students, a giant energy crisis -- and supreme strategic vulnerability -- has been created and propagated by our very own scientific community, which is totally to blame. They are also directly to blame for the continued devastation and pollution of the environment.

So the FSB/KGB and Yakuza are focused upon a grave U.S. strategic vulnerability: our horribly antiquated and totally cantankerous centralized electrical power system. And they are also focused on the induction and use of BW diseases, since our national capability to handle mass casualties is tremendously small and inadequate and antiquated, in spite of brave public announcements to the contrary.

A single Yakuza interferometer can periodically and continually "tickle" the U.S. centralized power grid, laying it down to never function again and KEEPING it down very easily. Piece of cake. The same interferometer can alternate onto the control systems of the oil refineries, destroying them easily and shutting down much of the refinery capability. The network centric (electrical engineering communications) systems being rammed down the throat of our military is also deadly vulnerable. A single scalar interferometer can lay the entire system in the dust easily. Anytime desired.

The Yakuza interferometers can "tickle" the populace in advance, and that same anthrax spray attack will produce about three times the results that the study group determined without considering any such "combat force amplifier" factor. In short, with spread immune systems in the targeted populace, the same BW anthrax spray attack will then produce from 3 to 9 million casualties, almost all of whom will die. By the efforts of two men and one small aircraft, one hand sprayer, 100 kilos of anthrax spores, and a few hours time just flying around and spraying. Cheap, easy. Or, of course, such spraying can also be conducted from vehicles moving through streets.

One sees the damage that five teams could do, in five strikes on five U.S. large population centers simultaneously. Even with one strike aborted or intercepted and destroyed, the result of the other four "augmented" attacks is an almost unthinkable blow to the United States, with 12 to 36 million U.S. casualties, almost all of whom will die.

And that level of strategic damage can readily be achieved by 10 men, five very small 2-place aircraft, 500 kilos of anthrax spores, a few hours, and just plain determination. In ONE combined operation. As can be seen, one does not need fleets of aircraft carriers, ICBMs, strategic bombers, and massed tank forces to destroy the United States.

So do the terrorists have the necessary anthrax? You bet. Note the extraordinary high quality anthrax in the letters mailed to selected targets after 9/11. Those spores almost certainly came directly from the old Soviet program, and they were obtained right off Voz island for peanuts. That mailing was just a little test to ascertain that, were a mass mailing used, would it hamper the U.S. and tie it down? The answer is a resounding "Yes!" Again, google on Voz island and on anthrax island, etc. And be astounded at what you uncover. Voz island today is actually secured by U.S. troops, to prevent any more of that from happening. But the damage was already done, and the barn door was shut long after the horses were already out. At Voz, one could just shovel up the sand in certain places, wash out the sand, and one had the highest quality anthrax spores ever made. Or one could pay a pittance to the natives, and they would do it for you. How many tons did the terrorists take out of there before it was finally closed off and secured by the U.S.?  Whatever they wished to take out of there.

With the old Soviet Union empire collapsed, in 1989 the FSB/KGB was forced to move to a new tack in its struggle to destroy America. The Russian mafia also works directly for that old die-hard Communist faction of the FSB/KGB. Via the Russian Mafia, the FSB/KGB brought in the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo, who had been strongly seeking the "Tesla weapons" (i.e., the scalar interferometers). After a little negotiations, the KGB leased them some of the large, strategic scalar interferometers on site in Russia. The Aum Shinrikyo contingent set up a university in the outskirts of Moscow, where the technical aspects were taught to the Yakuza/Aum Shinrikyo teams. Those interferometers and rogue Japanese teams then took over the weather engineering operations over North America (and gradually elsewhere).

The purpose was to get the Yakuza trained and equipped with elementary superweapons capable of destroying the U.S. The Yakuza regard themselves as the last of the samurai, and they believe the greatest dishonor to them in all Japanese history was the U.S. defeat of Japan in WW II and the dropping of the atom bomb on Japan by the U.S. In their cultural outlook, this "greatest shame" can only be erased by destroying every living American man, woman, and child. And so that is their avowed goal. By equipping them with superweapons and superweapon technology, the FSB/KGB insured they would have the strategic capability to readily destroy the U.S. And so that insurance has been met.

There is more to the plan being pursued by the Yakuza, but the above is sufficient for our purposes here.

The Yakuza then carried the scalar interferometry technology back to Japan, into their own facilities, and produce such weapons themselves today, including portable versions. Anyone having scalar interferometers also meets the negative energy phenomenology, and acquires and develops negative energy EMP technology as well. So the Yakuza has the long range strategic scalar interferometers and strategic negative energy EMP weapons, as well as smaller versions that can fit in the back of an SUV. Such portable weapons have already been inserted into the United States itself, and they are onsite and waiting to go. Since we have entered the Operations Phase now, they will be "going" during the next two years.

Note that all major Japanese companies, and the Japanese government, are also strongly penetrated by the Japanese Yakuza. If one is dealing with large Japanese companies, one is dealing with the Yakuza, whether one knows it or not.

The new asymmetric superwar plan was to use the Yakuza as the main combatants, since they were thirsting for the role (they MUST destroy all living Americans, or they are still shamed beyond toleration). Also, this change of plans and change of action agents from Russians to Yakuza moved beneath the U.S. intelligence insight, which has rather comfortably assessed the Yakuza as being a more normal mafia interested in dope, prostitution, etc. In short, this way the entire new strategic threat plan for an increased asymmetric superwar was missed by our own intelligence analysts. And so our leaders HAVE NOT had the necessary information to properly formulate countermeasures. And they have not done so -- simply check out the mess still in Homeland defense. The real war will be fought right here inside the United States, with nuclear explosions in our cities, anthrax attacks, tsunamis induced on East and West Coasts, etc.

On the other hand, simultaneously the U.S. dragon is being unmercifully drained economically. The dollar is plummeting, presaging the coming collapse. The national debt has had to be raised again, and trillions added to it. Jobs have been bled out like a hemorrhaging, and even customer service for many U.S. companies now is done remotely by contracted India technicians etc. Even with no attack ongoing, we are in an energy crunch that is escalating relentlessly, and will continue to do so. Cheap oil has peaked (the Hubbard Curve), and most of our very limited refinery capabilities are set for the better light sweet crude, and not capable of refining the rougher oil. The energy demands of China are growing by leaps and bounds, and China has just signed a deal with Russia for partial ownership and interest in the Russian oil. There went that source of cheap oil! China has declared the South China Sea its own territorial waters, and some 60% of the oil for Japan goes right through there. The oil from Iraq continues to be curtailed severely, by continual sabotage of pipelines, causing economic problems there for the U.S. To secure Iraq and allow transition to a peaceful government, double the U.S. troops there now are required. That isn't going to happen. The Iraqi forces are still ill equipped, far too small, etc.  In planning the war on Iraq, Rumsfeld was told that he needed many more troops for the occupation. The Iraqi army could be defeated by 100,000 troops, but many more than that would be required to maintain and enforce order afterward. He fired the U.S. Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army for stating such a requirement. So Iraq was not secured, and will not be sufficiently secured in the foreseeable future. Troubles and insurrections will mount and rise. Again, it will bleed the dragon.

We have continuing difficulties with Iran acquiring nuclear weapons capability by enriching uranium etc. The Russians helped build Iran's best nuclear facilities. North Korea is into nuclear weapons development also. Pakistan and India already have such weapons. Even before the first Gulf War, the Germans sold Saddam Hussein their most advanced calutrons -- some of the finest centrifuges on earth -- and so Saddam was already making weapons-grade uranium when the first Gulf War occurred. Indeed, in the very few calutrons we succeeded in capturing at the end of the war, weapons grade U235 residues were specifically present, showing exactly what those centrifuges had been used for. During the time from the Gulf War to our invasion of Iraq, those calutrons were somewhere out of Iraq (supposedly in Syria, etc.) and they were steadily running, producing weapons grade U-235. So the capability for another three dozen nuclear weapons has been placed in the hands of the terrorists, by those calutrons and that program. With Saddam Hussein captured, the weapons grade U235 is probably in the hands of the Syrians, and they will definitely not hesitate to dispose of some to Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, etc.

China has inserted some 200,000 Chinese into Panama, and can control the ends of the Panama Canal at will. If the insertion continues, Panama will eventually become a "province" of China. China and Russia have now signed both an oil agreement and a military agreement, and joint Russian/Chinese military exercises are to be conducted in China this year, 2005. After that, watch for China to move on Taiwan and invade the island, which we are treaty-bound to aid and protect. North Korea can easily be triggered into moving on South Korea. Afghanistan and Iraq will increase in troubles and difficulties, and we are already long since stretched out of troops and forces. Incidents between Pakistan and India are rather easily provoked, as are additional internecine conflicts in Iraq between Sunnis and Shiites, etc.

So it's "bleed the dragon" time, with the U.S. increasingly stretched out all over the globe, and beginning to hemorrhage economically and head toward severe economic difficulties. That will increase dramatically over the next two years, as part of the plan to first initiate a total, catastrophic collapse of the U.S. economy, generating utter chaos and disorder throughout the entire nation. And even starvation. We haven't yet seen "homeless on the street" to the extent we are going to see it right here in the U.S.!

The revised plan is to enter the Operations Phase by 2005 (that has just been done), and then gradually start destructive operations against the U.S. One ingredient of the plan is to gradually destroy the centralized electrical power system of the U.S., which will start slowly and increase, and culminate two years from now. That is supposed to cause a catastrophic collapse of the U.S. economy, with utter chaos and paralysis, particularly when combined with anthrax and smallpox strikes in our cities, nuclear explosions, etc. At that point, with the U.S. totally prostrate, the Yakuza is to extract its long-sought total vengeance, and methodically destroy all remaining Americans -- every last man, woman, and child.

Induction of tsunamis against the U.S. East and West Coast are to be used also. The preliminary practice and testing is the large tsunamis induced in the Indonesia and surrounding area. More will be produced, both there and elsewhere in the world. It is already noted that seismic activity is increasing in general world wide. Russian scientists have just "predicted" the probable occurrence of tsunamis against South America. Piece of cake.

To further insure this strategic capability to destroy the U.S., a few weeks ago Yakuza scalar interferometers precision registered on the Yellowstone supervolcano, underneath Yellowstone National Park. By erupting that supervolcano, it will hurl out more ash, dust, dirt, rocks, and debris -- and a little lava -- than the entire Grand Canyon can hold. That will completely destroy some 60% to 70% of North America (conservative estimate), with from 18 inches to two meters of ash on the ground up to 1500 to 1800 kilometers distance. That gets most of the human population, the higher life forms, destroys the crops, and induces a follow-on global winter. It will most certainly destroy the United States with a single shot. And 24/7, there are now hostile Yakuza fingers on that trigger, capable of the full strategic destruction of the United States at any time. Several other large U.S. volcanoes can easily be initiated to guarantee additional terrible damage and suffering to the U.S.

Recall, in 1997 the U.S. Secretary of Defense already publicly confirmed that the "terrorists" were in fact performing such operations (controlling the weather and climate, inducing earthquakes, and initiating volcanoes into eruption). It is a fact.

So as of late last year (2004), the FSB/KGB die-hard Communist coordinators decided that the insertion phase was complete and ordered the Yakuza into the operations phase. First demonstration/operation/test was apparently the giant test tsunamis generated in Indonesia and elsewhere by the 9.0 quake on the bottom of the sea in that area. The death toll is still rising, and may exceed 200 thousand. When the additional disease toll is added, the toll may easily reach a half million dead. Seismic activity in the area continues, and so the end of that exercise may not yet have occurred.

Note that such incidents at other locations also will stretch the U.S. even further, with increasing relief equipment, troops, money, and supplies etc. Of course it also focuses the attention of the international community -- the UN and everyone -- on the calamities and relief operations, rather than upon the war actually being waged. Very nice little strategic deception plan.

The Indonesia test showed the level of skill and training of the Yakuza scalar interferometer operators. They are also active elsewhere seismically; simply check out the increased seismic activity worldwide. Importantly, Russian scientists have predicted just such tsunamis may occur in South America. In other words, move the tests into the Western part of the world, while sustaining some shocks and incidents in the Indonesia area, so our scientists and intelligence agencies just assume increased NATURAL seismic activity is occurring. Continue to insure that we are asleep as to the artificial induction of these phenomena, even though SecDef Cohen specifically warned us in 1997. But our intelligence agencies and the news media are still very much asleep at the wheel.

Anyway, usually when an insertion phase of asymmetric war is completed successfully and professionally, then the defeat of the targeted nation and populace is essentially inevitable unless the terrorists are utter fools. Presently it appears that, with one proviso, we have reached that point. With the new intelligence reorganization, their new struggles for turf and importance and mission, etc., our intelligence groups will be substantially handicapped with internal struggles for the next year or two. Precisely during the time they are most needed to be integral and highly functional. They won't be. So they are not going to rid themselves of all those electrical engineer analysts, and they will just continue to shove aside the real intelligence information showing what is really coming down, even right in the midst of it happening. Heck, our vaunted Intel agencies still have not deciphered the actual bioenergetics mechanism used by the Soviets to generate health changes and diseases in Embassy personnel, in decades of irradiation of the U.S. Embassy, etc. After half a century! The clever Russians put the "disease engines" inside the stable potentials, which means that in the areas of disease induction, there were no fields (which are just changes in potentials). In short, there were no changes in potentials. So our guys, still practicing a semi-science that started out erroneously believing potentials were not even real, and that force fields in matter are primary causes, just assumed that it COULD NOT BE the "microwave" radiation causing the disease, since there were no fields present. Actually, their own experimental results had already falsified their conclusion that the EM radiation was not responsible. Had it not been responsible, then disease changes would have occurred both where fields were present and fields were absent, without regards for the fields. And that was not what happened at all. So our entire system -- science, government, industry, the works -- failed to exhibit even elementary logical deduction, and has continued to do so since then.

Indeed, our Intel agencies and analysts do not even know what Russian energetics -- the extremely classified old Soviet and now Russian FSB/KGB weapons science -- really is. We do not have EM science and engineering technology that deals with and uses the force-free EM precursor fields and potentials actually existing in space. Instead, our guys first convert to the EFFECT of the interaction of the real EM fields and potentials, where those reaction effects are with static charged matter just willy-nilly assumed to be present. In short, we still have not grasped the real EM causes in nature, but continue to chase the initial effects in charged static matter of those interacting primary causes, without understanding the primary causes at all. And all our present EM practice has been known to be in error since 1916, now for nearly a century.

We still do not use the Whittaker decomposition of all EM fields and potentials into harmonic sets of bidirectional longitudinal wave EM energy flows, even though Whittaker showed that in 1903 and 1904. In short, we are still not using Nature's more fundamental electrodynamics that is "totally internal" inside EM fields and potentials, constituting them. Hence the straightforward use of "deliberate engine structures" of such internal electrodynamics is unknown in the West, though used directly in the old Soviet energetics (attack against inert matter systems and their fields), bioenergetics (attack against living biological bodies and their biofields and biopotentials), and psychoenergetics (attack against living minds and their time-polarized EM dynamics and time-polarized EM fields and photons). Indeed, the Russians (FSB/KGB) can now actually produce a living human mind, or a fraction of one, in the laboratory. And they have done so, and have tested it on real human beings rather dramatically (Captains Button, Svoboda, and Hess being prime examples, which still have never been understood by our Intel and scientific analysts).

So we have now entered the final Operations Phase of the long asymmetrical superwar against us. The Operations Phase is scheduled for the next three years, with the critical U.S. destruction point reached two years from now. The plan is to initiate increasing damage to our infrastructure here in the U.S., keep us increasingly drawn out and overextended outside the U.S. to increase bleeding us economically, then initiate a total economic collapse two years from now with the final destruction of the centralized energy infrastructure (electrical power, refineries, pipelines, control and distribution systems, power plants, etc.)

There are, however, several other nations who have such "energetics" weapons also. One of them in particular has been saving our collective butts repeatedly, for decades. Twice in 1997 alone, once at the end of 1999 and first few days of 2000. Hopefully now they can also once again counter the "bad guys" and save us. That of course remains to be seen.

One thing is for certain. During the next three years, we shall decidedly be living in "interesting times", as the Chinese so wryly put it.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden