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Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 17:51:15 -0500

Dear Rose,

Your letter is very much appreciated, and it must have somehow fallen through the cracks here, in the stress of trying to get out everything I could as fast as I could, "just in case".  It is indeed nice to hear from another human being who is interested in humans first.

The antibiotic I've just come off, having taken it for a year, was azithromycin.  So now I'm in a sort of "restorative" period, still taking the acidophilus etc. and good supplements to get my internal "friendly helpers" in order again, etc.  Seems I must wait a couple more months, and then some tests can see where we are or how much progress there is.  I really believe there will be some progress, since I'm feeling better, and using only a little touch-up of the remedial oxygen now, most days.  Still very sensitive to sleep deprivation though!  Miss the sleep, and the next day is a wipe-out.  Haven't tried to travel other than drive my car around town here, to the supermarket etc.  Do get quite fatigued by the end of my day (on my crazy schedule, that's about midnight --- I sleep quite late the next day).  Just not enough endurance yet, but I do believe the endurance is beginning to wiggle and revive a bit.

Anyway, I really appreciate your very generous offer of your time and effort in my behalf, and am very touched indeed.  It reminds me very strongly that there are a lot of very good people still here, and that is really what life is all about.  If I hit a snag down there a couple months from now, I will contact you again and try to see if the Homeopathic approach can help the situation.

From my aikido training, I also use personal ki to help revive tissues, the red cells, etc. That seems to be helping also.  Finally, I am a religious person, though keeping it privately and am not a missionary.  I do pray, believe I shall have to account for how I behave and treat my fellow human beings, and I also feel that prayer and religious attitude have played a major role in my still being here and kicking.

Many kind and beautiful folks have written me and offered to help etc. I'm just completely overwhelmed. It just goes to show that this old world has still got lots of really great human beings in it, and they are the "salt of the earth," so to speak.  If we can just keep the other small percentage from messing it up so badly, it really is worth living and being alive in our culture and on this beautiful planet of ours.  Home, family, good neighbors, and good people is where it is.

Very best wishes and with deep appreciation,

Tom Bearden