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Subject: RE: RE: Fwd: RE: A technical question for Mr Bearden!
Date: Mon, 2 Jan 2006 12:44:34 -0600

Hi Erin,

Question 1:

It is possible, but since our own nation has not (at least openly) developed scalar technology, we do not yet know the actual technical way of doing it. A close approximation may be coming from the use of Fogal's special semiconductors, because he has demonstrated "seeing through intervening walls and masses", communication faster than the speed of light, etc. Since his semiconductors are all hand made and he has not been able to get them funded into mass production, this severely restricts the entire area.

If we get out of the sadly flawed electrical engineering model, and get into quantum field theory, there is in fact a photon and a photon dynamics on the time axis, since in QFT there are four photons. There are two of the familiar transverse polarization photons, a longitudinally polarized photon, and a time-polarized photon. The last two are not INDIVIDUALLY observable, but their combination is observable as a spike in electrostatic scalar potential -- common voltage.

So if we "go inside" the "outer shell" EM taught in our universities as the CEM/EE model, and use the Whittaker structuring a la quantum field theory, then (at least in theory) a shocking variety of totally new technologies are available to be developed. The Soviets, of course, explored this area shortly after WW II, changed their "conventional" models accordingly in a highly-classified new weapons science, and called it "energetics". What little work in this area has been done in the West, apparently remains of extraordinary classification.

So, sorry, but there is no definitive answer to your question -- at least not yet -- in the U.S.

Question 2:

The question is improperly posed, since when we eliminate mass we have nothing left that is "solid". Instead, we have left the EM field as it actually exists FORCE-FREE in space. Contrary to popular opinion, there are no forces or force fields in space itself; mass is a component of force, and when mass is gone, what is left is a "pure change in energy". Here for "energy" we may take the definition that "a change in energy is a change in the curvature or torsion of spacetime" (relativistic view) or "a change of energy is a change in the virtual particle flux of vacuum (particle physics view). We dealt with this in a discussion or two on my website, under the name of "precursor engineering". And precursor engineering process the energy (and energy flows) to direct and control them, thus making "energy engines" (spacetime curvature engines, virtual particle flux engines, etc.). When these "precursor force-free energy engines interact with mass, that ongoing interaction produces forces and FORCE ENGINES in the mass system.

For this precursor engineering, one need only furnish and pay for the energy necessary for switching and control of what can be very large energy flows. Hence once one produces "energy engines" for a small payment, these can be quite large in magnitude. Then when they are directed into interacting with the desired physical system, they form VERY POWERFUL force engines that change and move the physical mass system etc.

In theory, once one develops the science of precursor energy engine engineering, one acquires abilities to engineer and use such things as "nonmaterial robots", "living minds and mind dynamics, either human, rat, dog, bug, or otherwise", etc.

Apparently the West has developed just a tad of the precursor engineering, in advanced weaponry. But it has totally ignored the use of such engineering to engineer dynamics and systems over on the time-axis -- which means engineer and produce minds and variants of them at will.

We cover this later capability developed now by the KGB/FSB in Russia, in our latest book, Oblivion: America at the Brink, and give the type scenarios that can be and are being launched against us.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

I have two new questions for Mr Bearden, if that is alright. 

Question 1:  In his book "The Excalibur Briefing", Tom Bearden has a section on how the photon/light quenches the time/paranormal channel of reality, and the best way to see these things is in the IR/UV, infrared and ultraviolet regions. Is it possible for us to use scalar physics to build devices that can not only view/image these regions, but, which can directly capture and manipulate tulpoidal and Time Channel structures/entities? 

Question 2:  Is it theoretically possible to make a solid material in which electromagnetic energy has been bound together, WITHOUT the atomic nucleus/nuclei, so that the structure possesses hardness, density, toughness, and stability/solidity, but, has little or no weight? In other words, solid electromagnetism in a material form?    Thank you, I greatly appreciate this.