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Cold Fusion Slides
  1. Absorption and emission reactions
  2. Absorption and emission reactions
  3. Consistent China Lake Anomalies
  4. Consistent China Lake Anomalies
  5. Use of General Relativity (GR) in Particle Physics
  6. In a Time-Reversal Zone
  7. Conservation of Energy Law
  8. A New Conservation of Energy Law
  9. Patterson Power Cell
  10. "Burn" Time as Fuel
  11. Time as Energy Compressed by c2
  12. Interference processes for transduction in slow decay of time-excitation states
  13. Transduction of EM Wave Types by Successive Phase Conjugation
  14. Time-Reversal Zone
  15. The Electronuclear Interaction (In a Temporary Time-Reversal Zone)
  16. Time Reversal Zones in Nuclear and Chemical Reactions
  17. Some Aspects of Nuclear Reactions in Time-Reversal Zones
  18. Nuclear Reactions in Time-Reversal Zones
  19. Time-Excitation Charging vs. Energy-Excitation Charging