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A candid shot taken during the filming of the Documentary Science Series



Situation and Decision Briefing

A Manhattan Project Is Required to Rapidly Develop and Implement World-Wide Free EM Energy from the Active Vacuum

New 18 Page Briefing by Tom Bearden

9 September, 2008

Implications for a National Energy-From-the-Vacuum Program

Part I: Phases of Research and Development and Some Problems

Part II: Skills and Tasks in the Phases of Research and Development

Posted 9 September, 2008


The "Porthole" Concept
Extension of the Priore Method of Healing as applicable to the treatment of biological warfare effects and cellular afflictions such as cancers, AIDS etc.

Hubbert's Peak: The Impending Oil Crisis, by Professor Kenneth S. Deffeyes
Book Review and Slides

A National Report on America's Energy Crisis
by Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham - March 19, 2001
Commentary and Slide Show (66) by Tom Bearden

A Visual Tour of what they don't want you to know about electrical circuits
10 Trillion Percent of the Current Produced is Wasted!

Weapons Slides

The Missing Infolded Electrodynamics
85 slides

A Brief Technical Background to the Extended Priore Healing Methodology
11 slides

Briefing sent by Tom Bearden to Defense Department, National Institute of Health, USAF, National Science Foundation etc. re extended and improved Priore Treatment to counter mass casualties from Biological Warfare

Towards the Beginning of the End - Lecture in Florida for Capstone Presentations, Sept. 1998

A Mind Brain Matter Model Consistent with Quantum Physics and UFO Phenomena

Prepared for 1979 MUFON Symposium. DoD copy

The One Human Problem, Its Solution, and Its Relation to the UFO Phenomena

January 3, 1977