The Tom Bearden



Excerpt P 172

A Briefing on Soviet Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons
by Lt. Col. T.E. Bearden (retd.), 1986

2. Continual cloud radials have repeatedly been seen and photographed over Huntsville, Alabama, associated with weather engineering and grid activity. Typical radials seen by this author are shown in Bearden, Soviet Weather Engineering Over North America, 1-hr. DVD, 1985. Huntsville is apparently a pivot point or "hinge point" for bending and controlling the jetstream.

3. Spectacular cloud grid patterns have been seen over Huntsville, Alabama and Los Angeles, California. An excellent videoclip of one of the Los Angeles area grids, personally observed and shot by KABC Open Mind talk show host Bill Jenkins, is shown in Bearden, Soviet Weather Engineering Over North America,;1-hr. DVD, 1985. An artist's sketch of an earlier gigantic grid, extending from horizon to horizon in every direction, seen over Huntsville, Alabama by Tom Bearden and Ken Moore, is also shown in the tape. The DVD is available from this website. Sketches and details of another highly anomalous grid pattern observed in the greater Los Angeles area by engineer Ron Cole are shown in figures 5 and 6.

The reason that clouds of water droplets and/or ice particles detect the scalar interferometry and form signature patterns is simple: Consider each H2O molecule as having two light little hydrogen atoms hanging on to the much heavier oxygen atom. The covalent sharing with the oxygen atom of the electron from each hydrogen atom means that 

  1. the electrostatic scalar potential between the H ion and the O ion it is bonded to, is rhythmically varying as the electron is shared back and forth, 
  2. this varying potential contains "electron spin holes" since it is made by the moving electron, 
  3. two such varying potentials exist since there are two H atoms sharing covalent electrons with the O atom, 
  4. the two H ions are at an angle of over 100 degrees with respect to each other, 
  5. the molecule assembly thus constitutes one part (one half, so to speak) of a scalar interferometer with imbedded electron spin holes for electron hooking
  6. Incident scalar waves from outside the system interact with the "half scalar interferometer." This scalar interferometry interaction is coupled to the covalent bonding electron because of the internal spin hole pattern of the molecular half of the interferometer. The coupled electron moves with the sca1ar pattern's changes, causing an observable interaction with and in the electrical structure and ionic potential of the molecule, 
  7. the weak H to H hydrogen bonding between molecules connects resulting ionic potential changes to the structuring of the entire macroscopic cloud assembly. Thus by scalar interferometry with the H2O "half interferometers", an incident scalar EM pattern is detected and translated into patterns of E and B force fields. The H2O molecules then "line up" in accord with the electrical patterns detected.

Thus the clouds form "signature patterns" according to the incident scalar EM radiation patterns. Giant cloud radials in the targeted area are probably due to the type and shape of antennas including the type and shape of the electrical wires establishing the antennas' ground planes -- used by the Soviet Union to project the scalar waves. Note that such "radial" antenna patterns were occasionally used by James Harris Rogers in his underground and undersea scalar EM transmission system.

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