The Tom Bearden



           In conclusion, today I have released a number of powerful mechanisms that result from the new technological concepts.  Many of these were originally discovered -- at least in rudimentary form -- by Nikola Tesla.  In the West, the suppression of Tesla led to the suppression of these effects.  And our knowledge of them went to the grave with Tesla. 
           After World War II, the Soviet Union mounted a massive campaign to obtain all the scientific literature of the West and
thoroughly digest it.  Great centers were set up, and thousands
of PhD's devoted to this purpose.  Gradually they synthesized
this technology from the errors in EM foundations they uncovered, and from obscure, ignored papers published in the orthodox
Western scientific literature. 
          They rediscovered the technology of Tesla, Moray, and
Rogers.  And they have highly weaponized the effects, and adjusted and aligned the weapons upon us. 
          Now the radical movements are onto part of this technology.  As late as about six months ago, one such group discovered how to build a translator and a scalar beam projector.  Excitedly, they planned to build them the size of a large pistol, powered by a portable battery pack, and sell them to street criminals to kill or stop the police.  They planned to get rich by this illicit means.  At that time, a personal friend of mine, who moves in underground circles, was attempting to purchase one of the prototypes for my analysis.  Fortunately, the inventor stepped into the beam of one of his devices and was almost killed.  This frightened the group, and at least for now they have desisted.  But be forewarned:  this technology is coming down the pipe, and the police establishments in the West are in for the shock of their lives if the scientific community does not wake up and prepare defenses. 
          Again I urge my fellow colleagues to experiment vigorously with these new concepts, but build equipment for the benefit of man.  Insect control, disease elimination and control -- both are noble purposes.  Defense against the hostile use of such devices is also a fitting purpose. 
          We are in the final days, and the final technology is upon us.  It is a stupendous tool for either good or bad, and assuredly it will be utilized for both means.  I call attention once again to the fact that my ultimate purpose is to use this technology benevolently to achieve mind linkage, and elevate man from his present brutish state to the lofty state that is his destiny and his true God-nature. 
          For better or worse, Tesla technology is once again loose in the world, this time for good, and on a massive scale. 
          Let us prepare ourselves for a wild canoe ride, for the real white water lies just ahead. 
          Thank you for your attention, and good evening.