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           As is well-known, for years the Soviets have blanketed the world with large, powerful transmitter signals in the communications band, referred to as the "Woodpecker" signals because of the staccato noise the chirped signals make to the ear.  The carriers have been modulated with known harmful bioactive ELF frequencies.  At least some effects have been noted on humans from these signals, and other human effects are suspected but not proven.
           In addition, evidence exists that such transmitters, utilized in the scalar transmission mode, may have been used to cause earthquakes and to control the weather.  High altitude bursts off the coast of the Eastern United States and Canada, over Timmons, Ontario, Canada, and off the coast from St. Petersburg, Florida have occurred also.
           Mysterious "blackouts" of U. S .satellites -- and British satellites -- have occurred.  These would be difficult to explain as the result of illumination from a ground laser, but easily explained as the result of illumination from a ground-based scalar beam or scalar interferometer.
          Strange patterns of micro sky quakes and micro earthquakes occurred at various locations throughout the U.S. just before and shortly after the death of Leonid Brezhnev.  These strongly appear to be connected with the adjustment of a scalar interference pattern -- a gigantic "energy bottle" across North America, as shown on this slide.
          Shortly after this suspected adjustment and alignment, the underground net in the U.S. detected the emergence of numerous ELF-modulated signal carriers throughout the U.S., generally utilizing carriers in the vicinity of 40 MHz.  Locations of the apparent transmitters were such places as Atlanta, North Georgia, St. Petersburg, Florida; Mississippi; Alabama; in the vicinity of Washington, D.C.; near Boston; around the Great Lakes; Michigan; in the Pacific Northwest (Washington and Oregon); and in both northern and southern California.
          Researchers knowledgeable of the Soviet woodpecker signals and ELF modulations detected and reported these signals.
          Physical effects were reported and correlated to the signals, including wakefulness at night, restlessness, fatigue, headaches, nausea, ringing in the ears, anxiety, disturbed dreams, etc.
          What appears to have occurred is the adjustment and
alignment of a vast scalar interference pattern across the U.S.  Recall that energy emerges in each grid, by phase interference between the composite substructure waves of the scalar beams.
          Thus the Woodpecker "over-the-horizon radars," as accepted
by Western intelligence analysts, may have acquired a diabolical new strategic capability.
          It is as if the Soviets had been permitted to build a vast network of transmitters directly on U.S. soil, for hostile employment against U.S. citizens.
          Shortly after the net was aligned, a curious pattern of weather assaults on the U.S. began.
          Storms assaulted California unceasingly.  Then they roared across the Rockies, dipping sharply down to hit the Texas Panhandle, and bending northeast again to assault the South and the East.
          The mighty jetstreams themselves were diverted and "kinked" into this looped, distorted pattern.
          And the storms and floods assaulted the U.S. one after the other in this highly unusual fashion.
          I maintain that the virtual transmitter net, just established by the Soviets and adjusted in on the U.S., was tested in the weather control mode.  If so, it proved highly effective.  Imagine what would have happened to the U.S. if it had been unleashed full force, and not just "gently tested."
          And imagine what happens when disease, death, and nervous system disturbances are modulated upon these blanketing signals. The "transmitters" for the patterns are in each grid, all across the U.S.!  And there are no physical transmitters there to destroy.
          A counter is needed quickly.  A simple one would consist of recording the signals in each grid zone, analyzing the substructure, reversing the signals and their structured patterns 180 degrees, and feeding the "cancellation signals" out in each area.
          A great strategic Russian weapon of devastating power and potential is now operating directly on U.S. soil.  The need for a crash countermeasures program is urgent.
          In 1975 Brezhnev had introduced to the SALT talks the
strange proposal that we should also consider outlawing the development of new weapons more frightful than the mind of man
had ever imagined.  We didn't know what the Russians were talking about.  When we asked them later what weapons they meant, they referred vaguely to weapons of an electromagnetic nature.
          The presentation I have just given you is part of what Brezhnev meant.

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