The Tom Bearden



          Here we show diagrammatically what a modified Soviet integrated weapons display for a modified jammer might be, to employ scalar interferometer weaponry.
          As the "main bang" is emerging from the antenna of the
target radar on the ground, the phi-field from it reaches to infinity, including through the aircraft with a finite magnitude. In the a1rcraft, two channels act in interferometer fashion as a scalar detector for phi-dot.  The main bang creation (phi-dot) is detected, and displayed as the leftmost pulse.
          At that time, a computer time-base starts clocking off microseconds.
          At some time later, the third channel, acting as a normal receiver, receives the ordinary "Hertz" pulse from the radar, which has traveled to the aircraft at the speed of light.
          The computer converts elapsed time between the scalar pulse and the Hertz pulse to range.
          Azimuth and elevation angle to the radar are obtained by normal angle tracking.
          At this time, the computer has the exact coordinates of the radar, allowing for motion of the aircraft during the lapse time.
          The computer switches the interferometer into transmit mode, and arranges amplitude patterns to target the radar.
          It fires the first scalar pulse, then fires the second so as to create the full EMP directly upon the target.
          The EMP flash occurs, destroying the radar.
          At that time, another target can be processed.
          In a more advanced weapon, scanning may be used to detect, locate, target, and engage multiple targets, including incoming air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles, one after another.
          The same weapon is usable against a variety of aerial and ground based targets.
          The major weapon is the electronic emitter, not a missile or ordinary ordnance.
          Hordes of such special "jammer aircraft" now become a potent force on the battlefield, destroying all before them with annihilating ray weapons.
          Star war is a reality now.
          The High Frontier is already seriously obsolete.
          Our entire defense establishment is completely vulnerable to these weapons at present, for we have not developed countermeasures or defenses.

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