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          As shown on this slide, the technology is also usable from aircraft against ground targets, particularly ground-based radars and communications systems.
          As shown, the aircraft has a modified jammer, able to emit a beam of scalar energy from one or more translator/transmitters.
 By simply training a beam on the radar, eventually the radar can be knocked out.  That is the simplest use.
           A more sophisticated usage is provided by more than one translator/transmitter, acting as a scalar interferometer.
          In this mode, each translator/transmitter emits multiple scalar carrier frequencies.  Two Fourier expansions are established, so that a three dimensional "ball" or sphere of interference-zone energy is established.  By pulsing or phasing, this ball is moved to strike the location of the radar, delivering a large burst of energy to it and knocking it out.  Alternatively, the energy bottle is "dumped" when it reaches the targeted radar or its near vicinity.
          A still better way is to fire one Fourier scalar pattern directly at the target radar, then fire a second pulse faster so that it overtakes the first directly upon the target.  (The ensemble of such a pattern acts as a soliton, and its velocity is controllable by controlling the amplitude of the pattern generated).
          When the second scalar overtakes the first, a sharp interference is formed, with a fast energy bottle, which is then nonlinearly dumped in microseconds or milliseconds.  In this fashion, all the energy put out by the jammer is delivered directly upon and into the target in one sharp EMP pulse, much like that from a small nuclear explosion.  The target is destroyed.
          Note that such a weapon can be utilized against tanks, vehicles, explosives, missiles, ammunition, bridges (the airblast), bunkers (the blast can occur INSIDE the enclosure), ships, planes, personnel, and targets of varied types.
          The Soviets have had such secret weapons for years.
          One additional country has them also.

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