The Tom Bearden



            Here we show another use of the scalar beam technology already developed by foreign powers.
            A modified track radar -- either continuous wave or pulsed -- transmits a scalar wave beam.  It radiates an incoming hostile aircraft, keeping the beam on it, and kindling energy in the nonlinear electronic circuits of the aircraft by translation.  Communications, navigation systems, avionics systems, electronic fuze systems, ignition and control systems, airborne radar, missile armament electronics, etc. are all vulnerable to this translation kindling of internally jamming energy from the incident scalar beam.
            The electronics can be knocked out and the aircraft knocked down.
            The pilot himself is also vulnerable because of his highly nonlinear central nervous system.
           Some or all of the eight F-111's mysteriously lost in
Vietnam may have been bagged by modified SA-2 FANSONG radars, using this effect.

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