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           If we now add precisely patterned modulations to the substructure waves of the scalar zero vector beam, we can induce deliberate patterns in the dosage absorbed by a biological system.
           As Kaznacheyev's experiments showed, any death or disease pattern can be induced upon an electromagnetic carrier -- specifically, upon the near-ultraviolet as an example.  Some of his experiments were duplicated at the University of Marburg in West Germany, utilizing infrared carriers.  These patterns can be dumped into cell cultures, eventually kindling the pattern of death or disease in the target cells.
           The same can be done to a human from an external source.  The major entry point is the acupuncture system, which reacts to scalar waves and transfers them to the nervous system for translation.
           Pavlita, Czechoslovakian engineer, has built "psychotronic generators" for over 30 years that affect the human body.  Adamenko, Soviet physicist, found that the acupuncture points formed groupings or plexuses that were frequency sensitive.  In other words, certain frequency bands affect one plexus more than others.  Further, these acupuncture points are known to be connected to effects produced at remote locations in the body.
           Pavlita stated he had found 64 different sensitive "points" on the body, and had succeeded in building a generator for each.  If by his points he meant Adamenko's plexuses, then frequency patterns can be created that affect certain acupuncture groupings -- and thereby certain specific body locations and effects -- more than others.
           It thus appears reasonable that, by placing the proper frequency pattern in the modulations of the substructure waves feeding into the translator/transmitter, the scalar ray or beam can be made highly selective as to body part affected and the effect generated or kindled in the body.
           By this means, specifically tailored attacks on the body can be created.
           Strong emotions such as sheer terror, overpowering rage, blind panic, etc. can be induced.  Or physical effects such as epileptic seizure, loss of control of internal functions, loss of muscular control, severe weakness, specific failure of an individual organ such as the heart or liver, or blackouts and comas can be induced. In addition, patterns for specific toxins and diseases can be induced.  With a strong absorption, these changes can be effected quickly.  Imagine bubonic plague developing in 30 seconds, for example, or the effects of a cobra bite developing in 10 seconds.
           If the individual is placed in crossed interference beams (that is, in the interference zone of a scalar interferometer), strong effects can be produced essentially instantly, including instantaneous death.
           Of course BENEFICIAL effects can also be accomplished.  As instrumentation is developed, one should be able to scan the aura, do a computerized readout to show the different medical problems either developed or developing in the body, have the computer compose a "cancellation or offsetting pattern," and radiate the body with a totally beneficial pattern, customized for that particular condition at that particular time.  One should be able to quickly cure cancers and leukemias, for example, even of the brain and of the bone marrow.  One may even be able to quickly reverse the effects of aging; at least there is no foreseeable reason why it should not be possible.
           The new technology is a very powerful tool, and it can be used for either good or bad, depending upon the intent of the developer and the user.

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