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           We now show schematically how to produce an inertial field, or antigravity.  Also an inertial space drive can be produced in this manner.
           This again has been done in a North American laboratory. In fact, inertial fields have been produced in more than one lab here in North America.
           In the setup shown here, three translator/transmitter projectors are used and oriented so as to give three-dimensional interference, or interference along all three spatial axes.
           By controlling the substructures of the three projectors all together, one can control the precise phasing in all substructures, with respect to a common time reference.
           By this means, a unilateral force can be created of each and every charged mass particle (that is, on each proton) in the nucleus.
           Since we know that the neutrons and protons in a nucleus of an atom are continually interchanging, one into the other, back and forth, all of the nucleons can be treated as "diffuse protons" for mass purposes, and scalar wave interaction purposes.
           Thus if we have the correct pattern to affect protons, we can control the phases of the substructure waves of the projectors so as to produce unilateral, parallel forces on and of each spinning proton in the nucleus.
           This means we can produce unilateral thrust in an object exposed to the triad interference of the projectors.
           In short, this produces antigravity.  If sufficient force is produced, the test object in the interference zone simply lifts itself off against earth gravity.  This has been done in North America.
           If we phase the projectors so that counterbalancing forces are produced on each proton, we can either make the proton "lighter" inertially or "heavier."
           In fact, we could "freeze" a common pistol so that it could not be moved and its trigger could not be pulled, simply by sufficiently increasing its inertia.  This was done in experimental demonstrations in Toronto, Canada in 1969, and witnessed by the Chief of the Homicide Squad of the Toronto police.  It was his pistol that was frozen for the demonstration.
           If the projectors themselves are on board a space capsule, for example, they can produce such a unilateral thrust in and of a central mass or disc attached to the of the craft.  By this means, an inertial spacedrive can be built.

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