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           But let us look at one way to do this sort of thing more efficiently. 
          Here we show two scalar transmitters (that is, two
translator /transmitters) which form narrow beams, and which cross those beams at a distance. 
           In the crossing zone, scalar interference is established, making an energy bottle and producing trapped or locked in energy. 
           If I have a physical target in that crossed zone, I can
literally "fry" the target, for I get all the power inputted to the transmitters contained in the bottle zone.  I don't have any square law losses. 
           I can heat a metal object white hot at a distance, for example.  Because all real bottles are slightly imperfect, the real bottle is leaky and some photons escape.  I can observe the white hot steel in the bottle, and I can record and measure the temperature from the escaping photons, by simple radiometric methods. 
          Now if I smoothly turn off both transmitters linearly, all the energy in the bottle disappears immediately.  I can immediately reach in and pick up a black, cool piece of steel. And that cannot be done with ordinary inductive or radiowave heating. 
          That has been done in a laboratory on the North American continent. 

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