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          On this slide we show the interference pattern that emerges from the interference of two identical scalar wave beams from translator/transmitters. 
          Now note we are interfering two zero-vector waves, each containing a substructure.  In this case we assume similar substructures. 
          What happens now is that we get a similar interference pattern, but with some startling differences. 
          First, we put in the zero-lines.  These represent in-phase conditions for the substructures.
.            Second, the substructures themselves interfere, and form energy in the grid zones between intersecting zero-lines. 
            In the perfect case, however, this energy cannot radiate away.  It is physically created and trapped as if in an "energy bottle."  We are CREATING this energy at a distance, and storing it in a bottle.  If the bottle were perfect, we would continue to accumulate energy in the grid zones -- notice we are continuing to pour energy into both transmitters, and there is zero ordinary energy anywhere else except in the grid zone "bottles."
           If we turn off the transmitters smoothly, we extinguish the energy in the bottle completely.  It is sucked right out of there, and the vacuum returns to its normal condition. 
           If we erratically and nonlinearly turn off the transmitters, we destroy the bottle and "dump" the energy suddenly.  This is exactly like a sudden EMP from a nuclear weapon.  A sudden pulse of energy is freed to radiate and interact in the region where the bottle was. 
           The high altitude booms off the East coast of the U.S. a few years ago were made in precisely this fashion, from such a weapon being adjusted and calibrated in the Soviet Union. 

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