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          We now turn to a fundamental concept we need in order to understand some of the effects used by the Soviets in their Tesla weapons. 
          Note that one other country -- one not hostile to the U.S. -- also has such weaponry. 
          This slide shows the concept of a TRANSLATOR.  Briefly, if
we input a transverse matter wave, the translator outputs a scalar longitudinal wave without spin vortex hooks.  If we input a scalar longitudinal wave -- even one without hooks -- the translator puts out a normal vector transverse matter wave. 
          We define a translator as anything which will accomplish one or both of those functions (usually both). 
          Basically, any device which is TOTALLY nonlinear to transverse waves will produce scalar waves from a transverse wave input.  Any device which is totally nonlinear to longitudinal waves will produce transverse waves from a longitudinal wave input. 
           It is comparable to certain plasmas, which, as is well
known, produce such a translator effect.  If you input longitudinal waves, you get transverse waves.  If you input transverse waves, you get longitudinal waves.  And the plasma is rather totally nonlinear. 
          Again, if our translator outputs non-hooking waves, it means that the component substructure waves oppose each other in sum zero fashion, and "kill" or nullify the vortex spin-holes. 

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