The Tom Bearden



           Here we show another easy source of a higher vacuum charge, hence an easy source for a free river.
          Simply charge up a sphere.  As is well known, inside that sphere one has no del-phi.  So one can introduce an electron therein and not produce an -field .
          However, since we've piled up additional spray nozzles, the density of the spray inside the sphere (as well as outside it) is certainly higher.
          In other words, the inside of the sphere is also a source
for an increased del-phi river.  In the bottom drawing, we drill
a tiny hole in the sphere, insulate a thin wire running into the inside of the sphere, and run the wire out to a terminal opposing another grounded terminal.  Between the two terminals now there must exist a del-phi river.
           And between those terminals there now exists a curvature of spacetime, hence the theoretical possibility to obtain free energy without violation of principles.

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