The Tom Bearden




           This paper is an adaptation of the oral/visual presentation given by the author at the 1983 Annual Conference of the U. S. Psychotronics Association on Saturday, July 23, 1983.
          The presentation was delivered directly from the vugraphs alone, and not from a formal, written text.
          The title of the presentation at the conference was "New Electromagnetics: Where the 'Old Math' Took the Wrong Turn."
          As originally conceived, the lecture was to be given in a single period of some 45 minutes and cover only the first part of this paper, the clarification of the vector concept in physical theory.  The Symposium director so graciously scheduled two periods instead, allowing time to present additional material further clarifying vector and scalar waves, and to present a variety of unusual physical mechanisms that apply the concepts.
          After the conference, the author prepared this paper directly from the same slides, in the same order.  However, no attempt was made to match the words in this paper to the words actually delivered in the formal presentation.  The gist of the two, however, are the same -- except that, in the conference lecture, the author covered (as an aside) some important additional material:  (1) the nature of what actually occurs in an "electrical ground," and (2) the author's explanation of the theory of Tesla's magnifying transmitter.
          An audio tape and a videotape of the author's USPA presentation were made by the conference officials.  Copies are available at nominal cost from Mr. Robert Beutlich, Secretary/Treasurer, U. S. Psychotronics Association, 3459 Montrose Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60618, U.S.A.,
phone (312) 478-7715.