The Tom Bearden



        I am much indebted to Mr. Carey Briggs for furnishing references which strongly support the existence of scalar potential waves and scalar interferometry.  Among those papers are Whittaker (1903), Nisbet (1955) , and other papers dealing with Hertzian potential theory.  As ever, my profound gratitude is due Hal Crawford for his splendid illustrations which accompany this paper.  I am also indebted to John Ratzlaff and the Tesla Book Company for graciously furnishing important Tesla references for me to analyze.  My sincere thanks go to Messrs. Jim Beal and Williard Van de Bogart for furnishing important references on exoelectron emission and tectonic fault zones, and to Dr. Robert Beck for furnishing important material on the Rogers underground and undersea transmission system.  Additional assistance was also received from Mr. Peter Kelly, Joe Siegeldorf, Joe Gambill, and Bob Beutlich.  I am also very appreciative of the information furnished by Bob Jones and Vestigia on the beautiful Vestigia mystery light experiments.

                                                       PART II

                                   A. L. Lez, San Anselmo, Calif.
                                   Thorn L. Mayes, Saratoga, Calif.
                                   Bob Nelson, Berkeley, Calif.
                                   Mildred Ratzlaff, Millbrae, Calif.