Modern Nonlinear Optics, Second Edition

Edited by M. W. Evans

Wiley, New York, 2001 (3-volumes)


List of Papers


Part I (Volume 1)


Ryszard Tanas, "Quantum Noise in Nonlinear Optical Phenomena," p. 1-77.


Zgigniew Ficek, "Quantum Interference in Atomic and Molecular Systems," p. 79-154.


Adam Miranowicz, Wieslaw Leonski, and Nobuyuki Imoto, "Quantum-Optical States in Finite-Dimensional Hilbert Space.  I.  General Formalism," p. 155-193.


Wieslaw Leonski, and Adam Miranowicz,, "Quantum-Optical States in Finite-Dimensional Hilbert Space.  II.  State Generation," p. 195-213.


Zbigniew Ficek and Ryszard Tanas, "Correlated Superposition States in Two-Atom Systems," p. 215-266.


Tadeusz Bancewicz, Yves Le Duff, and Jean-Luc Godet, "Multipolar Polarizabilities from Interaction-Induced Raman Scattering," p. 267-307.


V. V. Dodonov, "Nonstationary Casimir Effect and Analytical Solutions for Quantum Fields in Cavities with Moving Boundaries," p. 309-394.


Alexander S. Shumovsky, "Quantum Multipole Radiation," p. 395-490.


Jiri Bajer, Miloslav Dusek, Jaromir Fiurasek, Zdenek Hradil, Antonin Luks, Vlasta Perinova, Jaroslav Rehacek, Jan Perina, Ondrej Haderka, Martin Hendrych, Jan Perina, Jr., Nobuyuki Imoto, Masato Koashi, and Adam Miranowicz, "Nonlinear Phenomena in Quantum Optics," p. 491-601.


David L. Andrews and Philip Allcock, "A Quantum Electrodynamical Foundation for Molecular Photonics," p. 603-675.


Mendel Sachs, "Symmetry in Electrodynamics: From Special to General Relativity, Macro to Quantum Domains," p. 677-706.



Part II (Volume 2)


B. Lehnert, "Optical Effects of an Extended Electromagnetic Theory," p. 1-77.


M. W. Evans, "O(3) Electrodynamics," p. 79-267.


R. Z. Zhdanov and V. I. Lahno, "Symmetry and Exact Solutions of the Maxwell and SU(2) Yang-Mills Equations," p. 269-351.


P. Szlachetka and K. Grygiel, "Chaos in Optical Systems," p. 353-427.


Boguslaw Broda, "Non-Abelian Stokes Theorem," p. 429-468.


M. W. Evans, "The Link Between the Sachs and O(3) Theories of Electrodynamics," p. 469-494.


M. W. Evans, "The Link Between the Topological Theory of Ranada and Trueba, The Sachs Theory, and O(3) Electrodynamics," p. 495- 499.


J. R. Croca, "Beyond Noncausal Quantum Physics," p. 501-556.


Patrick Cornille, "Electrodynamics and Topology," p. 557-611.


Carl E. Baum, "Quantum Electrodynamics: Potentials, Gauge Invariance, and Analogy to Classical Electrodynamics," p. 611-638.


Thomas E. Bearden, "Extracting and Using Electromagnetic Energy from the Active Vacuum," p. 639-698.


Thomas E. Bearden, "Energy from the Active Vacuum: The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator," p. 699-776.



Part III (Volume 3)


M. W. Evans and S. Jeffers, "The Present Status of the Quantum Theory of Light," p. 1-196.


Antonio F. Ranada and Jose L. Trueba, "Topological Electromagnetism with Hidden Nonlinearity," p. 197-253.


Nils Abramson, "Ellipsoids in Holography and Relativity," p. 255-295.


D. F. Roscoe, "Astrophysics in the Dark: Mach's Principle Lights the Way," p. 297-333.


Hector A. Munera, "A Semiclassical Model of the Photon Based on Objective Reality and Containing Longitudinal Field Components," p. 335-385.


Pal R. Molnar and Milan Meszaros, "Significance of the Sagnac Effect: Beyond the Contemporary Physics," p. 387-401.


Lawrence B. Crowell, "Non-Abelian Electrodynamics: Progress and Problems," p. 403-467.


A. Khovanov, D. G. Luchinsky, R. Manella, and P. V. E. McClintock, "Fluctuational Escape and Related Phenomena in Nonlinear Optical Systems," p. 469-524.


Donald Reed, "Beltrami Vector Fields in Electrodynamics a Reason for Reexamining the Structural Foundations of Classical Physics?," p. 525-569.


Sisir Roy, "Constancy of Velocity of Light and Stochastic Background," p. 571-621.


Harold L. Fox, "Energy for the Future: High-Density Charge Clusters," p. 623-653.


Petar K. Anastasovski and David B. Hamilton, "The Superluminal Theory and Effects," p. 655- 681.


Fabio Cardone and Roberto Mignani, "Superluminal Effects and Tachyon Theory," p. 683-698.


Terence W. Barrett, "Topological Approaches to Electromagnetism," p. 699-734.