Every mass communicates with every other mass in the total universe, with hyperspatial/virtual crosstalk between all parts and all masses.  This yields a mechanism for psychometry. 
   Inside the mass, we have a large number of collector mechanisms, of the types previously listed and explained.  All objects in the universe are in communication with this object, particularly large or close objects.  Those objects that come very near or touch the chosen object for a period of time are most influential. 
   Briefly, the internal dynamic collector mechanisms of the chosen object perform collection and kindling of the virtual state; thus each mechanism is slowly changed by the influence of other objects in the universe.  This is very like the diffusion of heat.  The chosen object also communicates part of the influx away, normally reaching an equilibrium with its surroundings when these surroundings are stable.  As the surroundings change, appropriate changes are communicated into the internal collector mechanisms of the chosen object, and appropriately diffused away to other parts of the universe, until equilibrium is again reached
that occur.  It is thus a very exact record of its surrounding events. 
    A psychically sensitive person who touches the chosen object, or in some cases merely comes near it, enters into a communications exchange with it.  His body-records diffuse into the local object, and those of the local object diffuse into his body.  If the psychic is sensitive enough, he can gain impressions from the recorded events of the object.  This is the scientific basis of psychometry. 
    A wide variety of data support this mechanism.  Psychometry has been practiced since earliest times, and is still practiced today.  A photograph is particularly indicative of the person photographed, since his entire record is imprinted psychometrically on the photograph. 
    Moreover, the entire record of the Earth is still in the earth, in all its detail.  As indeed is the record of each star and its planets, riding on the light that reaches us from that star, and on the deBroglie waves from it.  With operational biodetectors, we could easily read the records of the universe.  NASA would do well to pursue this alternative in its attempt to contact extraterrestrial life, rather than point huge radio telescopes toward the heavens and listen to the kindled static from the stars.  The static indeed contains the message, but not in a format in which they are prepared to look!  It is in the virtual state, riding in each photon. 
    To a psychic who can see the human aura easily, the condition and much of the record of the person is in that aura, because the auric pattern is changed by all experience of the body, mind, and personality.  Thus a good healer can see the aura of the patient, tell if another healer has been in contact with the patient (including often recognizing which other healer it was), and can recognize his own previous contact with the patient many years earlier.  (See, for example, the story of Agpaoa as recorded by Sigrun Seutemann in Healers and the Healing Process.  ed. George W. Meek, Theosophical Publishing House, 1977, p. 93.)

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