The Tom Bearden



      Negative time does exist and is used in advanced physical theories. Dirac predicted an electron traveling backward in time, which would be observed in positive time as a positive charge traveling forward in time.
     The application of negative time to philosophy also allows the solution to the problem of good and evil. In positive time we may consider an act as evilsay the act of a hungry wolf seizing a hapless rabbit and devouring it. In positive time, we might say that to the rabbit the act was evil, and to the hungry wolf the act was good, noticing in the process that good and evil are relative terms, not absolutes. Examining the situation now in negative time, a very strange thing occurs. The remains of the consumed rabbit are regurgitated from the wolf's belly, again creating a living breathing rabbit, and reintroducing hunger into the wolf. Thus the act now is beneficial to the rabbit and detrimental to the wolf.
     The point is that Allness or Godness is both sides of every coin, not one side only. Omega Godness exists both backward and forward in time; it must do so if it is to be unlimited, even by time itself.
     Thus to such unlimited allness, every act is both good and evil simultaneously. Thus we can understand how a perfect creator could establish and ordain good and evil, for there is a sense in which the two are synonymous.
     However, such insight is a very strong dose of medicine, too strong for the average stomach. Most persons never seek the Unlimited Godness; instead, they seek a good facet of Godness that itself moves forward only positively in time. Thus they find a partial image which is limited in and by the flow of time. By such an assumption the biblical phrase "I am Alpha and Omega" is unconsciously translated into "I was Alpha and I will be Omega." Thus orthodox Christianity long ago lost much of the God-insight originally given by the avatar Jesus. Only those few cloistered individuals who still struggle with exegesis grapple with the problem of good and evil. The problem indeed has a solution, but the solution involves negative time, the fourth law of logic, and an unlimited creator.