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Table of Contents

Foreword by John White 
Introduction to Second Edition 
Introduction to First Edition 

Part One: A Sampling of Specific Paranormal Phenomena

The Vestigia Mystery Light Experiment  
Unexplained Generation of Electricity  
Hyperfield Generation of Photon Patterns About A Bar Magnet Collector  
Hyperfield Circulation Patterns Above a Magnetized Railroad Track  
The Cyborg Effect and Orthorotational Sensitivity  
Additional Factors Consistent with the Vestigia Experiment  
Remote Viewing  
The Moray Radiant Energy Device  
An Atlantean Power Crystal?  
The Crystal Skull  
Metal Bending  
Thought Photography: Stella Lansing  
The Displacement Effect  
Pavlita's Psychotronic Generators  
Cell-like Invisible Tulpoidal Forms    

  1. Black Ring UFO  
  2. Anchor Patterns
  3. Bifringement  
  4. UFOs in Water 
  5. UFOs in Clouds
  6. UFO Seen by the Author
  7. The  Dennis Billings UFO Sighting
  8. The Second Billings UFO Sighting
  9. The  Pascagoula UFO Sighting
  10. Other UFOs  

Falkville Spaceman  
UFOs Over the Soviet Union  
The Sighting Over Petrozavodsk  
French Experiments with Psychotronics  
The Strobe Effect  
Kirlian Photography  
Interaction of Biofield Thought and Spark Discharge
Kervran Effect  

Psychic Surgery  
A Deliberate Experiment with Kindling.  
Fay Clark's "Fireflies" 
"Foo" Fighters  
Water Monsters  
Cattle Mutilations  
Big Mama 

Part Two:  A Theoretical Background for Understanding PT, UFOs, and Psi Phenomena

Some Unexplained Mysteries of Physics
Uri Geller  
My Approach to Psychotronics 
  1. Reality as a Paranormal Bridge with Two Ends
  2. A Fundamental Correction to Classical Logic
  3. A Physical Example  
  4. New Definition of Zero  
  5. Einstein's Postulate   
  6. Synchronicity of Concepts

Primitive Perception  
Two-Slit Experiment  
Photon Quenching of the Paranormal (Time) Channel.  
Raindrop Model of Quantized Change.  
Kindling Effect  
Bioenergy Collectors  
Psychometric Effect  
All Mass Is Charged:  Everything Is Electrical  
A Funny Thing About Electromagnetic Field.  
Extinguishing Electrical Currents.  
Death Transmission Via the Paranormal Channel.  
Disease and Death Induction  
Dynamic Thought Constructs: Biofield Mechanisms
Psychotronic Devices: A Simple Space (Quiton) Amplifier
Typical Hieronymus Device  
Another Kind of Hieronymus Device and the Inceptive Cyborg Effect  
Probability: Throw of a Die  
Negative Time  
Time Oscillation, Quantum Change, and Mass
Mass Is a Time-Differentiation  
Reality Is Like an Opossum  
Biofield Concepts  
Mass, Force, and 3-D Frame Rotation
Mass is  Rotation of Hyperspatial Flux  
Jitter or Dither Modulates the Primary Flux  
The Untold Story of Quarks  
Einstein's Spherical Model of the Cosmos  
A Charged Particle Is a Dual Closure of the Universe  
Adding and Subtracting Dimensions  
Mind Is Objective  
The Skin Transducer Effect:  Turning a Thing into Its Opposite  
Everett's Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics  
Spacetime Curvature Is Tricky  
Multiple Realities (Many Worlds)  
Clustered Orthogonal Worlds  
Crosstalk Between Multiple Realities  
Biofields: And Maverick Worlds
Hyperfield Flux in a Magnetic Field  
Life and Death  
The Holographic Hyperchannel Effect  
Mind Linkage  
Angels, Imps, and UFO Tulpas  
Dreams and Unresolved Conflicts 
Ghost Rockets and Flying Saucers: Materialized Tulpoids 

Part Three: New Military Applications of Psi Research

Background to Psychotronic Research in the US and the USSR  
Psychotronic Background Since WWII  
Electron Dissolution  
The  Contactee Wave and Cattle Mutilations  
Radiation of the US Embassy    
Disease and Death Transmission  
Other Weapons  
Hyperspace Howitzer Operation  
A Possible Operational Test of Psychotronic Antiaircraft Weapons  
Population Conditioner  
A Midcourse ABM System  
The Bell Island Incident  
A Terminal ABM System  
Sweep Mode, Sweeping Away a Nuclear Detonation  
Zarg, Armageddon, and Linkage  
Virtual States and Hyperspaces  
Feynman Diagrams  
Nature of an Electromagnetic Wave  
Neutrinic Longitudinal Polarization Waves  
A New Look at Modulation  
Hyperspatial Aspects of Modulation
The Eureka Concept
Biophotons and Virtual EM Field of a Bio-organism
The Priore Machine
The Neurophone
Soviet "Woodpecker" Signals

Part Four:  Soviet Phase Conjugate Directed Energy Weapons

Weapons That Use Time-Reversed Electromagnetic Waves