173. Remote viewing: 

The ability of human subjects to receive visual impressions and information from distant actions and scenes. The information is usually "noisy". May involve combinations of clairvoyance, clairaudience, precognition, postcognition, and telepathy. In the new theory, one recognizes that all detection is internal to the detector. Hence the entire detected physical universe may rigorously be said to exist inside each physical particle of the physical body of the observer. Thus hypothetically one has subtle access to any portion of the universe directly within oneself. The same result occurs when one assumes the use of a signal - longitudinal scalar waves of electrostatic potential - with infinite velocity. The two cerebral hemispheres act as a scalar interferometer, producing microscopic E-field by coupling incoming or rising microscopic scalar phi-field waves. This allows modification of the patterning of the avalanche discharges underway in the brain, and thus perception of the distant event. Since scalar waves are hyperspatial and can be superluminal, they can move through time. This permits perception of the future and the past. Unfortunately the outputs of this detection system in humans is buried deep within the unconscious mind, so it is difficult to obtain "clear signals." With the future development of sensitive scalar wave detectors, biofeedback training can probably be used to more fully develop this scalar sensing ability. Also, on several occasions Nikola Tesla announced the invention of a "big eye" that could see at a distance; such an instrument is perfectly possible by scanned scalar interferometry reception. This would include the ability to see into or through the ocean or earth - and time as well, under the proper circumstances. It should be possible to take distant pictures, or even pictures through time. One researcher, George Delawarr, reported the accomplishment of both these effects with his special camera.

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